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3 Refreshing Tips For Digital Nomads

Since the pandemic came and… stubbornly persisted, we’ve seen the rise of people who value more convenience in their work. Working from home, a local cafe, or even a bar can provide people with a sense of renewed focus mixed with a little personal leisure and convenience where appropriate. Thanks to a majority of serviced work being performed online these days, it seems that many jobs have at least some online component to think of.

As such “digital nomad-ism” has become a much more popular day-to-day and feasible working condition than expected. Some people regard it as a movement, for some, it’s just time they get away from the office. But if you’re on your travels while working, well, you have to come up with your own style of getting things done. Some people wake up in a hotel, will work solidly for six hours, and then enjoy the rest of their afternoon evenings. Some people party all day and work from their laptop all night.

If you feel that the digital nomad lifestyle is for you, then it’s important to consider some advice that actually owes its wisdom to skilled and proactive travellers. Without further ado, then, please consider the following advice:

Use & VPN/Secure Your Accounts

A VPN, known as a virtual private network, is software that encrypts your internet requests so that if your traffic is intercepted, it cannot be read. This can also encrypt it from your internet provider. This is important because when you’re traveling, it’s likely that you’ll connect to a range of public WiFi connections, from hotels to bars to libraries. Those with the technical skills may be able to read unsecured data and use it to steal your information or access your financial details. A cheap but paid-for subscription service is best. This will ensure your traffic stays as secure as possible, and saves you from potential fraud.

Alternate Your Travel Methods

Like anything in life, if you do something constantly and routinely, it may lose its vitality. This is why we don’t eat the same meal three times a day, and why even fun things, like riding roller coasters, can get old within a certain period of time. The same goes for hopping from place to place as a digital nomad. 

The best thing to do is to alternate your travel methods if you hope to make digital nomad-ism fun. Long-haul trains through certain countries, flights, hikes, and even boats with boat storage options can be exciting, and you’ll find more info here. Try hostels, hotels, AirBnB apartments, or stay with friends. Switch things up a little. It will help your lifestyle remain as vibrant as possible; and you’ll also be able to pursue many financial deals here, too.

Use Safety Apps

Safety is essential when you’re a digital nomad. When you travel so quick and so far, some may not know where you are. This is why it’s helpful to use apps that transmit your location to your loved ones, or set reminders for you to tell them. Alternatively, you can use apps like What3Words which actually provide exact accurate locations for where you are in the world based on a three-word grid system. This means you can easily show where you are to those you trust no matter what plans you’ve made that day. Safety is priceless.

With this advice, we hope you can nomad-it-up with enhanced security, fun and safety.

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