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Ways to Keep Your Employees Productive and Happy

Creating a positive workplace plays a crucial role in ensuring that your business is productive and efficient. Keeping your employees happy is a crucial part of this equation. Treating your team fairly, with respect, and showing them that they are appreciated is vital to retaining your staff and keeping them working as productively as possible. But, knowing how to keep your employees both productive and happy can be a significant challenge. Read on to find out how you can create a positive workplace with happy staff and reap the benefits of a productive team:

Improve the Work Environment

Improving your work environment can be a beneficial way to improve productivity. Making changes to your workplace so that it is equipped with everything your team members need to work efficiently is a great place to start. This can be achieved by checking that all the equipment is fit for purpose and functioning as it should. Having equipment that is not up to the task can make life frustrating for your team and often means it takes longer for them to complete each task than it should. So, ensuring that everything from the physical equipment to software systems and computers is working effectively will help your employees to perform at their best.

Tidying up your business premises and ensuring that it is clean and in a good state of repair will help your employees feel more positive about their work environment and better equipped to use their time productively.

Schedule Shifts Fairly

If there is one thing guaranteed to get your employees feeling unhappy, it is messing with this work schedule. Scheduling team members to work on days when they are supposed to be on leave or setting them shifts when they have already said they are unavailable for work will leave you with an unhappy workforce. Consistently putting the same employees on the shifts that no one wants to work, such as weekends and holidays, is also likely to create tension. It is essential to learn how to optimize workforce scheduling to prevent oversights in your shift allocation from causing upset and ensure fairness. Using workforce scheduling effectively will ensure that work hours are allocated fairly, oversights are avoided, and every shift runs efficiently.

Show Appreciation

Everyone wants to feel appreciated, and your team is no exception. Ensuring that you provide your employees with positive feedback and thank them for their efforts will help them to feel valued. The more recognition your team receives for a job done well, the more likely they are to keep working productively.

Failing to provide recognition and never saying thank you to employees can have a significant impact on morale in the workplace, and in turn, this affects productivity levels. So, when it comes to keeping your employees happy, a simple thank you to acknowledge their efforts goes a long way. 

Provide Benefits

Following on from saying thank you and showing appreciation to your team members, it is also essential to provide employee benefits for your team. Offering a benefits package is an effective way to once again show your appreciation, but it is also a helpful way to help encourage staff loyalty and to reward team members based on their length of service. Many small businesses shy away from providing staff benefits to their teams as they believe they will be expensive. However, there is no need to create an extravagant benefits package, as most employees prefer simple perks. There are many meaningful benefits that you can provide that your team members will appreciate, and these will not cost you too much money. Simple benefits such as giving every employee the day off on their birthday and increasing annual leave days to reward length of service can be incredibly effective and help your team members to feel valued and rewarded for their hard work. Organizing additional treats, such as ordering breakfast for your team on a Friday morning after a successful week, is also a great way to keep everyone motivated and reward them for working hard.

Employee morale is crucial and has far-reaching effects throughout your business. Many employers overlook the connection between happy staff and increased levels of productivity, and this can lead to disengaged employees and low output. But, keeping your employees happy with a centralized procurement process and making sure that they are productive does not need to be complicated. Going back to basics and providing your team with a fair working environment and acknowledging their efforts will create the perfect conditions for productivity.

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