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With no one ever posting on the old Geekamongus forum, and new exploits of Invision Powerboard growing in number related to it’s increase in popularity, I decided to try something new.

I found this cool guy online who writes really cool little PHP scripts at, and tried out the My Little Forum script. The author, Alex, is aware of Web Standards, and seems to have a clue about creating well-formed web pages. I mean, how many forums have you seen that are written in XHTML1.0 Strict? And RSS feeds?

Granted, the forum doesn’t pass HTML validation, but it’s only because of a lack of character encoding (the &’s are throwing it off). This may be something I can fix once I have time to do some reverse engineering.

It’s clean, lean, and easy to set up. Invision was convoluted, clunky, and not much fun to administer because of all the options that you don’t really need. Plus, I heard they started charging for the free version, or something that sounded like it wasn’t worth upgrading anymore.

Regardless, check out my new forum, sign up, and let’s start talking!

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  1. Heya CB!
    Good to see you have found Alex’s scripts at long last, if you’d asked for a lightweight forum I’d have pointed you in his direction, I have been using his forum script in a couple of places for a while now. His weblog script also works pretty well and if you ever need to allow for simple comments, his comments scripts are pretty much a simple plug-in affair.

    If you are looking for another great lightweight web standards compatible forum, look up punBB.

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