About Me


I work at a federal government data center as a Cyber Security Analyst, employed by ERT Corp, where I focus on application security and continuous monitoring. I practice ethical hacking, and am even certified in it, among other things. From penetration testing to static code analysis, I get to do some fun things day in and day out.

I care deeply about online privacy and security, and I often write about those things on my blog.

I used to be a locksmith, and before that I was a magician. Harry Houdini is a personal hero of mine, as he was not only a magician but a master locksmith. I like to think those interests are what helped lead me into becoming an IT security professional.

I am a WordPress enthusiast, and have been using it since it was called B2 (this blog, in particular, started on B2!). I have created literally hundreds of WordPress websites, dozens of custom themes, and several plugins.

Here’s a video of me from WordCamp Asheville in 2016, talking about WordPress security:

I’m also the Will Chatham on Google+ and the @willc on Twitter you are looking for. Here I am on LinkedIn.



Playing banjo with The Night Trotters at Jack of the Wood, Asheville, NC.

I was recently playing banjo for The Night Trotters. I also sit in on drums with The Whappers when the stars align correctly. I’m currently trying to put together something new and fun to listen to.

I released my first solo album a few years ago. It’s an odd blend of trip-hop, electronica, and other strange things.


I am married to Rachael, a very nerdy and hip woman, and am the father to three boys: GrayDax and Quest.

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