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About Me

Work & Security Stuff

I work for NetScout / Arbor Networks as a Security Assessment Engineer, where I am heading up the Security Assessment Group. I do pentesting, internal application security assessments, and all things related to securing the Software Development Life Cycle.

I care about online privacy and security, and I often write about those things on my blog.

I am a WordPress enthusiast, and have been using it since it was called B2 (this blog, in particular, started on B2!).

Recent Accomplishments

  • Hack The Box – Pro Hacker level achieved. The team I was a part of (TMHC) got to 4th in the world for a few weeks.
  • DerbyCon, 2018 – Survived a Vanilla Ice concert
  • BSides Asheville 2018 – 1st place Capture The Flag (Team DefCon828)
  • Blue Ridge Con 2018 – 2nd place Capture The Flag (Team DefCon828)
  • Bsides Asheville 2017 – 3rd place Capture The Flag (Individual, willc)


I released my first solo album a few years ago. It’s an odd blend of trip-hop, electronica, and other strange things. I have a large archive of Louisville musical history as it relates to my time there growing up and playing in various bands.