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About Me

Work & Security Stuff

I work as a Senior Security Engineer at CNN, where I help bring security to the digital assets of the organization as part of the DevOps team.

I care about online privacy and cyber security, and I often write about those things here on my blog (thought it has been a bit sparse as of late).

I am a WordPress enthusiast, and have been using it since it was called B2 (this blog, in particular, started on B2!).


I am currently playing drums for Ska City, a nine-piece ska orchestra based in Asheville. We do several flavors of ska music, from rocksteady to two-tone to some of the third-wave stuff, but we really pride ourselves on the originals that we create.

I released my first solo album a few years ago. It’s an odd blend of trip-hop, electronica, and other strange things. I have a large archive of Louisville musical history as it relates to my time there growing up and playing in various bands.


I released a new album and two singles in 2021. Check them out here or here.