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In Case You Were Wondering About Will Chatham

Updated 01/14/24

Work & Security Stuff

I work as a Sr. Cyber Security Manager at NBCUniversal. Check me out on the LinkedIn website.

I care about online privacy and cyber security, and I often write about those things here on my blog.

I am also a WordPress enthusiast, and have been using it since it was called B2 (this blog, in particular, started on B2 in the year 2002!).


I am currently playing and release music as Shadow Person. I have a new album coming out in the spring of 2024. You can hear my previous three solo albums, released as Will Chatham, on your favorite streaming service.

Up until November of 2023, I was playing drums for Ska City, a nine-piece ska orchestra based in Asheville. The band lives on without me now, but we did several flavors of ska music, from rocksteady to two-tone to some of the third-wave stuff, but we really pride ourselves on the originals that we create. We had a record come out in 2023, which I produced and engineered in my studio called Hawk’s Nest.

I have a large archive of Louisville musical history as it relates to my time there growing up and paying in various bands.