About Me

Playing banjo with The Night Trotters at Jack of the Wood, Asheville, NC.

I work at a federal government data center as a Cyber Security Analyst, employed with STG, Inc.

I care deeply about online privacy and security.

I used to do a lot of web development and Search Engine Optimization work professionally. I am a WordPress enthusiast, and have been using it since it was called B2 (this blog, in particular, started on B2!). I have created literally hundreds of WordPress websites, dozens of custom themes, and several plugins.

I am currently playing banjo for The Night Trotters. I also sit in on drums with The Whappers when the stars align correctly.

Playing drums with You Dirty Rats at The LAB, Asheville, NC.

You should check out my music archive site, where there is a bunch of info about the Louisville music scene from the 80’s and 90’s, as well as more current things.

I’m also the Will Chatham on Google+ and the @willc on Twitter you are looking for. Here I am on LinkedIn.

I am married to Rachael, a very nerdy and hip woman, and am the father to three boys: GrayDax and Quest.

Enough about me. How’s about you?