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Challenges IT Teams Face Every Day

IT, and the teams who help support the business through information technology, plus everything that comes with it, generally face some challenges occasionally. And that’s before they even read a ticket. Receiving tickets daily for the team to complete, is part and parcel of the job. But there are additional challenges that they need to face to overcome and be able to provide the best service for the business they work for. Supporting the business with their IT needs is a career that many love, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any real challenges that can make the day more difficult. So here are some of those challenges for you to understand while your IT support team may need a little extra time occasionally.

Amount of tickets

Tickets raised for an IT team, are the bread-and-butter of their workload, tickets can be raised from somebody’s power supply not working, to an issue with the mesh network that has just been implemented. The IT department will have to deal with all changes in software, set up equipment for new staff, and deal with any IT challenge that becomes apparent every day. The amount of work that comes in is generally unpredictable, so if you hear the IT manager become a little frustrated by the amount of work. This isn’t because they dislike their work, it’s because the amount of work coming in can sometimes feel really significant. So you may hear the odd grumble from the IT team, that will make you realise how often tickets are raised. It may also make you consider whether your issue could be dealt with differently.

User error

In addition to the number of tickets that are raised, there are a large proportion of cards that are increased due to user error. This is, of course, a training issue, since if staff don’t know how to use the equipment, there is given, then that’s the issue, rather than an IT problem. Many people are becoming wise to the fact that they can deal with many IT issues themselves, and trying their best, but occasionally the team find the easy way out and ask the IT department to look at a simple problem. This is, of course, something that can be dealt with, but you won’t always completely eliminate user error.

Coffee supplies

Due to the vast amount of work that the IT department in any business receives, there is an enormous amount of coffee usually consumed in the office. This can, of course, pose problems if you run out. It would help if you had an IT department firing on all cylinders, to ensure that the inner workings of the business are kept steady. Downtime in any business is undesirable obviously, so this is why it’s essential to prevent these issues as much as possible.

Communication is critical, and IT helps in a big way when it comes to communication. So not wasting the IT teams time, and ensuring that preventable challenges are actually prevented, will help any business in the long run.

Everything You Need To Know About Riding A Motorcycle In 2020

There are few things that evoke freedom quite like riding a motorbike. If you’re used to driving cars, the removal of that metal cage does something quite peculiar; it makes you feel like you’re on top of the world as you ride. Obviously, there are still myriad safety concerns and checks to undertake on a minute-to-minute basis as you ride, but the two experiences – riding a motorcycle versus driving a car – are as different as night and day. Here’s everything you need to know about riding a motorcycle in 2019, whether you’re a beginner who’s never been in a vehicle before or an expert looking to learn more.

You need good gear

Driving a car is unlike riding a motorcycle in many ways, but one of the most crucial differences is that you’ll need good gear. There really isn’t an official uniform for driving; sensible shoes and no mascot costumes seem to be the driving (no pun intended) principles. For riding a bike, however, you’ll need good leathers, a great-quality helmet, and more. Your equipment journey starts with a little tip: for boots click here. You’ll thank us when you’re strapping yourself into some of the finest motorcycling gear there is. Try to wear it in before you hit the road, because it will probably feel a little strange at first.

It’s safer than you might think – if you ride well

According to the NHTSA (the American traffic safety administration), in 2015 alone, around 33 percent of riders killed in motorcycle accidents died as a direct result of their own speeding. 40 percent of those accidents involved riders that weren’t wearing helmets. Motorcycles carry more inherent risk than cars – there’s less overall protection for you if you crash, after all – but a heightened level of vigilance and consummate skill behind the handlebars mean that you shouldn’t crash if you ride well and keep your eyes on the road at all times.

You can burn calories

Believe it or not, riding a motorcycle actually counts as pretty decent exercise. Since you always need to control the direction of the vehicle itself – rather than using a steering wheel to direct a car – you’re engaging in constant low-impact activity. This means you’ll be consistently burning fat while you ride. Of course, this shouldn’t serve as a complete replacement to your usual exercise regime; you won’t be able to shed the pounds quickly or efficiently just through motorcycle riding. Still, it’s not bad as a bonus over cars, eh?

Filtering is a revelation

You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced the joy of filtering through traffic. Naturally, you should check your location’s laws about this before you attempt it, but in a nutshell, filtering is what motorcyclists are doing when they weave through stationary traffic in order to attain a more advantageous position. It’s legal in most places, provided you do it safely and without any risk to either yourself or to other drivers. No more getting stuck in constant traffic – just move your bike between cars and watch as you leave the big metal cages behind.

Riding a motorcycle has positive effects on your mental health

Around one in four people in the UK have been diagnosed with a mental illness or with mental health issues. If you’re one of them, there is, of course, absolutely no shame in this. One way you can improve your mental health is to ride a motorcycle. Doing so causes adrenaline to course through your veins, which in turn releases endorphins that will raise your mood and improve your mental health. Besides that, there’s just no substitute for riding through the countryside without metal walls to hem you in. Freedom feels good, after all.

You can improve your mental acuity

When you’re driving a car, you’re simply sitting in the seat and (eventually) mindlessly pulling levers, pushing buttons, and turning wheels. Your brain will soon start to perform the necessary driving actions completely on autopilot. When you’re on a bike, however, you’re working hard at making sure the vehicle goes where you want it to. Concentrating on your technique, as well as watching the road in front of you and accommodating other drivers, means you’re always using your grey matter when you ride a bike. It’s a mental workout in and of itself.

It’s peaceful

Of course, it’s entirely possible to find peace if you’re driving a car, but there’s just something special about a motorbike that invites a feeling of zen. When you’re riding out in the country or the desert with nobody’s thoughts to keep you company but your own, there are few feelings comparable. Riding a motorbike is great for dealing with anger, too; although you absolutely shouldn’t ride without being emotionally stable, if you do find yourself struggling with anger then getting on your bike and going for a ride is a tremendous help. Just be safe.

It’s environmentally friendly

Although there are some bikes which do consume fuel at a faster rate than cars do, you’ll generally find that due to their size, motorbikes are better for the environment. It’s not just about fuel consumption, but also how many resources the bike costs to construct, how many can be made in the same space of time as cars, et cetera. Eco-friendly motorbikes are also being produced and will greatly increase the efficiency and environmentally-friendly quality of the vehicle. If you care about the environment, drop your gas-guzzler and go bike instead.

How To Create Your Little Corner Of The Internet

Whatever it is you want to achieve, whether it’s your own offline business, online business, to become an influencer, to be a blogger or a Youtuber, you know that you need to have an online presence. You need to build yourself a little corner of the internet that’s just yours, somewhere that other people can come and see, somewhere you can direct and invite others to join you in your little world. But how can you do this?

Which Platform Is Right For You?

You might not need a website for your business or yourself, for some people it can be a hassle and cost and sometimes, a Facebook page or Instagram account might be the best way to build an audience, connect with people, and keep them updated. What’s great is that the people you want to reach out to are already familiar with these platforms and they are they already waiting for you. For example, if you have a cafe or restaurant, you could create your space with nothing more than a Facebook or Instagram profile. Use them to upload new pictures, keep the menu updated, communicate with customers, promote events and highlight any special offers.

Perhaps you would rather go with a video presence and focus on that, while it’s good to have different platforms, it’s also essential to focus on one at first and get it right. If video is your end goal, then you may as well start there. Whether it’s how-to videos, lifestyle vlogs or reviewing movies, then there are plenty of tools to help you and teach you about Youtube, you can get a YouTube banner template to quickly add some style and visual appeal to your YouTube channel too.

Whatever you choose to focus on first, it’s essential to get that right before you move onto your next thing. You might find you then do want to build a website, and if you do then a good place to start is WordPress, it gives you control and flexibility and powers 25% of all sites out there, meaning it is a trusted and respected platform. You can do just about anything with WordPress; you can have an online shop, create a portfolio for yourself, have a blog, host adverts, collect email addresses, make money – essentially you can run your online business all from one place. You can use WordPress to make your site as big or as small as you want to and there are plenty of plugins which you can use too.

What Do You Want To Achieve?

This is really the most important question, like anything, there is no point in doing it without reason or purpose, so what is it that you want to achieve online and focus on that. Do you want people to know your name, see your work, read your blog or buy your products? Once you have a goal, you can use that to focus on and work everything else around it to get to where you want to go.

What To Know Before Buying A VR Headset

A VR headset is the latest must have gadget for any self-respecting techie, whether you want it to play the best VR games for Android, or for taking virtual tours of the world’s best museums. While the VR technology is becoming more affordable, a headset is still not a cheap piece of kit. If you’re considering buying one, it’s important to go into the purchase well-informed, so you can make the best choice and get the best product for your money.

Do You Want Tethered Or Mobile?

A tethered headset, like the Oculus Rift or the Playstation VR, connects to your PC or gaming console. These headsets are not cheap, usually running into hundreds of dollars, as they come with all kinds of extra kit like custom display screens, motion sensors and lenses. The high cost can be worth it if you’re a very serious gamer who plays a lot of high-end games, making the extra cost and kit worth it.

Mobile headsets, like the Google Cardboard, are cases that you put onto a smartphone. As the lens is the only really important part, these headsets are usually much cheaper than the tethered version. They tend to be more lightweight too, as they’re designed to be portable. Instead of being connected to your console, you’ll be able to take your games on the road. As they’re cheaper, the quality is sometimes lower, and you won’t always be able to play the latest VR games.

If you have a higher budget, play a lot of newer games and love to be an early adopter of new tech, then the tethered option might be the best option for you. For more casual gaming, use on the go and lower budgets, stick with the mobile version. The price difference can be pretty big, but the technology is improving all the time even on cheap options, so don’t discount them. 

Does Your Phone Or PC Meet The Hardware Requirements?

As a general rule, a newer or more expensive PC or phone, the better the chance is that it’s already capable of handling VR. You can get an idea of whether yours is ready with this guide from Oculus. The requirements for most VR devices are pretty similar, but as a basic guide, you’ll need to check your graphics card, processor and memory are up to the task. Some devices will also require a certain connection type or number of USB ports, so double check before you buy.

For phones, the demands are similar, but the screen size is a key feature. One of the most flexible is the Google Cardboard, so start here if you’re not sure. Your phone will need a built-in motion sensor, but most newer phones will have this.

Can You Afford It?

VR technology is generally still quite expensive. As well as the cost of the device itself, you might have to factor the cost of a new console or phone, or upgrades to your PC. Mobile VR headsets are cheaper than tethered options, using coming in at under $100. Low-end Cardboard options can be snapped up for under $10.

If you heart is set on a higher end device, but you don’t have the budget, look out sales or deals. Most headsets can be bought on Amazon, which often runs deals on electronics. Put a watch on you dream headset and wait.

How Much Does It Weigh?

As a rule of thumb, you want a headset that is reasonably light. As it’s going to be attached to your face, lighter is better so it’s comfortable to wear and play with for longer periods. You don’t want to have to stop playing before you’re ready because the headset is too heavy and uncomfortable.

Look for a headset that has its weight well distributed across the shape and the straps that attach it to you. This can make even a heavier headset feel much lighter, whereas poor weight distribution will make the set feel like it;s all resting on the bridge of your nose. Try a few one; what’s comfortable for you may be different than what works for other people.

Too light can be a problem too. Viewers made of card are very light, but are too flimsy to attach any straps to, so you have to hold them up the whole time you’re using them.

How Do You Control The Headset?

The controls can differ enormously between different headsets, so try a few to see which you prefer. The best options have external sensors that you can put up around the room, with motion sensitive controllers, allowing you to walk around inside a virtual environment. Different headsets have slightly less range of motion or less spatial awareness.

Others come with simple buttons on the headset itself, or with remotes. Some are touch screen. Some Cardboard-compatible apps don’t need any controls at all. Many of them are passive experiences, like video or roller coaster VR experiences. 

Before deciding on buying a VR headset, try out as many as you can. VR headsets are often shown at technology conferences, or may be able to try them in store. If you friends own one, ask to test theirs out and see if you like it. Before investing, try a few different brands and options to see what suits you. Try tethered and mobile, with different kinds of controls and test out a few kinds of games to be certain you’ll get plenty of use out of your new toy.

To save some money, look out for deals and shop around for the best price for the headset you eventually settle on. If you can, buy from somewhere with a good returns policy, in case you don’t get on with the device you first choose. Once you’ve found the right device for you, take out a warranty policy to protect your new prize possession, and remember to add it to your insurance if you’ve opted for one of the higher end headsets.

Four Experts That Your Business Needs

When you work for yourself, you often find that you have to wear many hats. You can be the maintenance officer one minute, then the receptionist manning the phones and five minutes later, a product designer. It can be enriching taking on so many different facets of the business and it is often part and parcel of running a small business. However, there are some elements of your business that might be a little beyond your area of expertise. There are occasions when you are going to benefit from getting some professional support, and we share these in today’s post, 4 experts that your business needs.

IT consultants

You are going to need to use technology effectively for your business.

Whether you are searching for the best vpn or you are looking to create some bespoke software, IT consultants can be invaluable to your business.

Businesses normally require a website as a minimum, and it can be beneficial to use IT experts to help you with this. They can do anything from designing an internet presence for you to updating it to helping you to improve your SEO to monitoring its security and more. You can work with them to support you with whatever you are not comfortable doing yourself.

Graphic designers

Your business will benefit from strong branding and eye catching visuals. Unless this is a field that you have some experience in, you are going to need to hire a graphic designer to work closely with you to get this right.

Graphic designers can turn your ideas and visions into designs, however abstract your suggestions are. Talk to them about your business, your products and services and what you want to convey through your branding. They will then come up with several suggestions for you to look over before developing one of them further.

Graphic designers will be instrumental in working with you on your signage, logos, packaging, website and social media icons, and potentially any merchandise that you wish to sell or gift.


It is essential that your bookkeeping is kept up to date and accurate. You need to meet your tax obligations and there is no room for error. As such, accountants are a necessary expense.

You can work with your accountant to varying degrees. You might use your own software and keep your own books and then have your accountant review and audit them for you. Alternatively you might choose to hand over all accounts to them, which will be a greater expense but less work for you if numbers are not your thing.

Human Resources

Human resources experts can be invaluable if you have a team.

If you have a growing business, you might choose to keep an officer on staff. Or you can consult with them on any matters around human resources, the legalities and looking after your team properly.

You might choose to consult experts when you are recruiting, perhaps using them to help you to interview and assess. They can lend you their experience as well as ensuring you are conducting your recruitment within current policies and laws. You can then enlist their support when managing staff to help you to get the best out of everyone and adhere to employment law.

What You Need To Know About Installing Solar Street Lights

Solar energy has been harnessed over the years due to its renewability, cheap price tag, and durability. Since its clean energy, many people have started using it for an opportunity to save the dying planet and reduce pollution. Previously, it was only used as a lighting and heating alternative in homes and industries whose power consumption bills would skyrocket, but that has since changed. It is now a viable and dependable power source on its own. This has seen people use solar and stay off the grid for years. It has also brought with it solar street lights that solely depend on it to function. If you are looking to harness this power for your street lighting project, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:


For your streetlights to work optimally, you need to install them in an ideal spot. Avoid spaces with shades or shadows for long hours as they reduce the light and heat uptake. Consider solar street lights by Solar Lighting International as they engage experts before installation. They help you calculate the maximum insolation and irradiance. However, when there are no open spaces, consider using longer poles or placing adaptive solar lights in high spots. Since the lights require spacing, check the space available for your project as this might hinder your plans.


To start with, you need to have an estimated cost of installation. This figure can be sourced from several companies that handle installations or from different packages within one company. Compare these prices to ensure you get value for money at affordable rates. You should also consider maintenance and servicing fees as these costs could ruin your budget. In areas where there are known calamities and robbery, consider increasing the maintenance funds kit amount to cater for any eventuality.

Power Output

When installing streetlights, start by having a feasibility study on your power needs. Each space requires different illumination, and you need to have yours figured out. For large spaces, get potent lights and vice versa. The study also helps you determine power output, battery wattage and capacities, lighting options, and fixtures. It also helps you determine the expected light hours each day for correct street light installation. This helps you get customized street lights for your space.


Despite the power source being the sun, the streetlights can be a threat and risk to those around. For streetlights in public spaces, ensure you do not interfere with the layout and hinder movement or transportation. Consult local authorities first to avoid breaking the law or losing your investment if forcefully brought down. Use quality material to avoid breakages and accidents that can be costly to replace and to compensate victims. Additionally, consider the material that does not put those around it at risk through electrocution.

Return on Investment

Before installing the lights, you must have a motive behind it. Most people install them to enhance security while others do it to increase the work hours within premises. Ensure the cost does not outdo the expected returns as this makes it a non-viable option. Consider cost-effective street lighting options to ensure you recoup your investment and even make more out of it.