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Technology Supporting Data Based Businesses

Technology has found a way to support us with pretty much everything we do as a business. Technology has become the lifeline that we need. Even when going out and driving, we either use our phones or car for the sat nav. Rewind 10 years ago and we wouldn’t have dreamt of being able to do anything like that. So, it’s fair to say that technology is advancing quicker than it ever has been before is any aspect of life. Whether thinking about business or about our personal lives. Which is one of the reasons why we think businesses are now reaping the benefits more than they ever have before. Because the demand from the public is so huge, the demand for us is too. Instead of a business finding customers, customers are there in abundance. But this means that for any business processing large amounts of data, times have got a lot harder. Because there are so many humans, so many issues, and so many processes in life that people follow, data has just grown in numbers. So, we’re going to show you the technology that’s helping all of the businesses focused on data processing. Hopefully if you’re in this niche you can see if any of the following pieces of technology will benefit you. 

Computer Based Systems

Computers really are changing the way that we’re able to run our businesses. Even those who aren’t largely relying on technology will be using computers throughout the day. So basic office computers are now more equipped than ever before with software to face the working day. But there are some big computers and workspaces now being built to accommodate businesses that are analysing big amount of data. Computer learning is better than it has ever been before, making it easier for them to analyse data correctly. Servers for GPU computing, for example, are now more technologically advanced than they have ever been before. Allowing computers to work at a faster rate, all whilst reducing the issue of human error. 

Easy Office Equipment

Now to the office equipment we were just talking about and how that can be beneficial. Big data businesses are often busy workforces with a ton to do, so getting a virtual receptionist can often be useful. Sometimes queries can hold managers up for half of the day. So, rather than ignoring it or having no one answer the phone all day, a virtual receptionist can do it all for you. It’s far more professional than having nobody answer the phone.

Better Support
Finally, we think one of the reasons why technology is supporting businesses so much more is because they’re providing ongoing support after the sale of technology. Anything from free warranty to 24/7 on call support means businesses are now using their technology for far longer. The only issue with technology is that issues keep cropping up the more technologically advanced the piece of equipment is, and turning it off and on again is not always going to fix the problem.

6 Signs You Should Go Freelance

Freelancing is rapidly growing into a very real and lucrative career. With today’s advanced technology, computers, software, and communication platforms it’s never been easier to drop the 9-5 and start working from home.

Many people think about the idea but become quickly concerned about the security of leaving their trusty monthly salary and added benefits. It used to be that people who went alone or started their own business were considered “risk-takers” and maybe back then they were because the business landscape wasn’t designed for them.

Now, that has all changed. The modern business landscape not only makes freelancing easy but it also makes it relatively risk-free. Here are X signs that you are ready to go freelance and start working for yourself.

1. You Hate Your Job but Great at What You Do

It’s normal to feel undervalued in modern business. Competition is rife and it seems like no matter how you perform the ladder is incredibly slow to climb. Plus you have all the company politics that makes it even tougher.

Freelancers are generally people with talent, skill and who work hard but have decided they want their fair share. You can have it too. With the right mindset, tools and hard work you can easily start to cultivate your own business working with clients you love and working on projects you’re passionate about.

That may seem like a pipedream but it’s actually really easy to achieve. Do you spend your days doing your best work? Does your boss love your work? Do your clients appreciate you? But do you never seem to move up in the business? Maybe it’s time to go alone and earn your rightful slice of the cake.

2. You Can Throw Your Hand To Anything

Freelancers aren’t just skilled in their main craft, they know how to do a bit of everything. Accounts, operations, marketing, sales, and client handling are all aspects of the business that freelancers can do. If they can’t then they learn how.

Once you become your own boss and start handling your own projects you have to do all the other work too. But don’t worry, you can organize them how you want to make it the most efficient for you. When you are counting up your own money that you’ve earned directly from clients it doesn’t feel like work either.

Once successful and the money is flowing you could even opt to outsource any parts of the business you don’t enjoy to other talented freelancers. If you simply can’t handle looking at your balance sheet, pay someone to do it for you so you can stay focused on the core business.

3. You Crave a Work/Life Balance

Do you spend all your time at work sitting in a stuffy office full of other people and their drama just wishing you could have your own space and time to do other things? Do you regularly open emails that say “I made $122,567 in just 10 days!” and shamelessly press the ‘click here’ button? Do you consistently sit in your chair each and every day between 3-5 pm even though all your work is done for the day?

When you go freelance you can decide on your own work schedule. If you’re a morning person you could decide that your mornings are for exercise, walks in nature or spending time with your family. Then you can get to work in the afternoon and evening when the kids are in bed and all you usually do anyway is watch Netflix on the sofa.

Freelancing gives you the unique opportunity to create a wonderful work-life balance. It allows you to create time for more important and enjoyable things in life.

4. Uncertainty and Instability Don’t Faze You

To be a successful freelancer you need to accept that it has its ups and downs. There are many benefits to be had but it doesn’t come without some issues. Uncertainty over your next paycheck is the big one. A rule of thumb for anyone wanting to fo freelance is to make sure you have some savings in the bank first.

There will be times where you have no work and you feel an incredible sense of instability. Freelancers can handle this, they think positively, they learn in their downtimes, they enhance their skills and they pull through the tough times. If this scares you, it’s best to stay in the office. 

For those willing to struggle with uncertainty and instability, the rewards can be extremely handsome. The key to a successful freelancer is consistency and hard work no matter the situation.

5. You Great with Time Management

Do you frequently get annoyed at other people when they are late for meetings or social events? Are you always on time or early for everything? If so, then you probably have what it takes to be a freelancer.

Freelancers must have outstanding time management. Without it, your work can quickly dry up if you keep submitting work late and fail to turn up for important calls. It’s important that freelancers develop a solid work schedule they can keep too and that keeps them on track with their various projects.

When you’re late for your own business you feel the repercussions much harder than if you work in an office with a disgruntled manager to cover you. 

6. You’re a Lone Wolf

To be a freelancer you have to enjoy working in solitude. It’s no surprise that many successful freelancers are also introverts. They enjoy being in their own space on their own time and don’t mind not speaking to others for hours at a time. 

If you enjoy your own company you thrive as a freelancer with just your computer and coffee machine for the company. It’s worth remembering that as a freelancer you don’t have to spend all your time alone, there are thousands of public workspaces dotted around major cities for you to use.

Taking advantage of workspaces is also a great way to network for your business. It’s likely you will meet other freelancers that can either assist you with your work or could even be a potential client. Worse comes to worst you get a great cup of coffee and change of scenery. 

Why Your Restaurant Should Offer ‘Call Ahead Seating’ Online

Over the recent years, technology has changed how people do business, and the hotel industry was not left behind. Like the management of a hotel, restaurants have been able to benefit from the use of technology. There are some systems and mobile apps that were developed to help restaurants manage call-ahead seating, reservations, and table management. Such systems alert the customer via an SMS text when a table is ready.

However, there is a difference between call ahead seating and a table reservation. With a reservation, a table is set aside for a customer while with call-ahead seating, this simply means that you are put on a waiting list.

Why should your restaurant offer call-ahead seating online? Well, in this article, we will explain some of the reasons why you should use call-ahead services at your restaurant.

Improve Customer Services

With a call ahead seating app, you will offer your customers a more satisfying experience, which can give you an advantage over your competitors. A call-ahead app reduces your customer’s wait time even though the actual wait time does not change.

 These apps allow your customers to get the estimated wait time for a table, remove, or add themselves on the wait list. The customers are also well informed with an SMS on how long they have to wait. All these will increase customer satisfaction, thus putting you ahead of your competitors.

Improved Data Collection

When you offer call-ahead seating online in your restaurant, it provides you with a simple way of collecting customer data. You can use this data to generate different types of reports, which can offer you with crucial insight on how to run your restaurant. This data will also help you in making informed decisions on how to enhance your services.

Increase Your Income

Call ahead seating systems are developed with accurate algorithms. Hence, they reduce the number of walk-aways. You will be able to turn more tables since it will be easy for you to optimize your seating automatically. When there are no seating fees, you will earn more per customer.

Easily Affordable

Another reason you should have a call-ahead system is that they have pricing plans that are affordable for any restaurant size. The systems also run on different platforms such as PC, Mac, tablet, and phone.

Real-Time Customer Relationship

A call ahead seating system allows you to message or call your guests while they are waiting for a table. You can take advantage of this and send announcements, promotions, and targeted ads, among others.

Improve Host/Hostess Working Condition

On a busy night, your host/hostess has to deal with numerous questions such as, ‘How far am I?’ ‘I was on a call. Have you called my name?’ With these kinds of questions, keeping track of customers is a real hustle.

However, a call-ahead seating system keeps your customers informed on the updates through an SMS. They also get information about how many customers are ahead of them and how long they need to wait.

A call ahead seating online is a technology that every restaurant needs to adopt if they want to remain competitive. The above are the reasons why you should consider offering a call-ahead seating online in your restaurant.

Avoid Being Taken Advantage Of By Tech Companies

It’s important to note that while many of us believe that tech products exist for the good of most people, they do sometimes have a darker side that we need to be aware of.  A good rule of thumb to go by is that if you’re not having to pay for the service, you are the product being sold. In recent years, controversies related to services such as Cambridge Analytica and other data collection and analysis firms showcased just how electoral processes were manipulated to a questionable degree.

That being said, this is just one cultural moment among an ocean of difficulty that leaves customers out in the cold. For those not in a tech-related profession or those who have the time to conduct deep research into these fields, we can be unaware of how we’re being taken advantage of. But individuals have a right to this information, and they’re starting to realize that. This is why Cell Tower Lease Experts are starting to become a vital tool for those who operate and lease land to cell tower companies rather than accepting predatory deals. If we can take that mindset and understand how to manage the sovereignty of our personal information and usage habits, we can make better decisions. Please, consider:

Protecting Your Data

Protecting your data is an important part of protecting yourself against targeting advertisements and routine online ID profiling. Browser extensions that block tracking, restricting certain operating systems such as Windows 10 in its telemetry tracking, using a VPN, or even installing Linux and utilizing services such as Protonmail can help you get out of the usual Microsoft/Google paradigm and may help you keep your data protected.

Read The Terms & Conditions

Reading the terms and conditions of every contract you digitally accept can be a real pain, but it can be worth your time to do anyway. For instance, purchasing video games online and using their online services could grant them further access to your online profiles than you are comfortable with. The same may go for how certain services use your ‘log in’ credentials when route passing through certain services, for instance when logging into websites via your Twitter account. When you spend the time to read privacy policies and T&C listings, you have more of a chance of enabling a better route forward.

Browse Alternative Options & Assess Value

Considering what value you’re receiving via a certain service and being ready to switch can ensure that the tech companies work for your patronage. This is where holding ethical values as a consumer can be important. For instance, you may not enjoy Apple’s price-gouging tactics to ensure customers are forever paying more to get around planned obsolescence, but your appreciation for their privacy policy may keep you with them compared to other brands. This shows that it takes a wide consumer to shift through their priorities and understand just what may earn their purchase. In this way, critical consuming thought will be yours to utilize.

With this advice, we hope you can stop being taken advantage of by the tech companies.

Challenges IT Teams Face Every Day

IT, and the teams who help support the business through information technology, plus everything that comes with it, generally face some challenges occasionally. And that’s before they even read a ticket. Receiving tickets daily for the team to complete, is part and parcel of the job. But there are additional challenges that they need to face to overcome and be able to provide the best service for the business they work for. Supporting the business with their IT needs is a career that many love, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any real challenges that can make the day more difficult. So here are some of those challenges for you to understand while your IT support team may need a little extra time occasionally.

Amount of tickets

Tickets raised for an IT team, are the bread-and-butter of their workload, tickets can be raised from somebody’s power supply not working, to an issue with the mesh network that has just been implemented. The IT department will have to deal with all changes in software, set up equipment for new staff, and deal with any IT challenge that becomes apparent every day. The amount of work that comes in is generally unpredictable, so if you hear the IT manager become a little frustrated by the amount of work. This isn’t because they dislike their work, it’s because the amount of work coming in can sometimes feel really significant. So you may hear the odd grumble from the IT team, that will make you realise how often tickets are raised. It may also make you consider whether your issue could be dealt with differently.

User error

In addition to the number of tickets that are raised, there are a large proportion of cards that are increased due to user error. This is, of course, a training issue, since if staff don’t know how to use the equipment, there is given, then that’s the issue, rather than an IT problem. Many people are becoming wise to the fact that they can deal with many IT issues themselves, and trying their best, but occasionally the team find the easy way out and ask the IT department to look at a simple problem. This is, of course, something that can be dealt with, but you won’t always completely eliminate user error.

Coffee supplies

Due to the vast amount of work that the IT department in any business receives, there is an enormous amount of coffee usually consumed in the office. This can, of course, pose problems if you run out. It would help if you had an IT department firing on all cylinders, to ensure that the inner workings of the business are kept steady. Downtime in any business is undesirable obviously, so this is why it’s essential to prevent these issues as much as possible.

Communication is critical, and IT helps in a big way when it comes to communication. So not wasting the IT teams time, and ensuring that preventable challenges are actually prevented, will help any business in the long run.

Everything You Need To Know About Riding A Motorcycle In 2020

There are few things that evoke freedom quite like riding a motorbike. If you’re used to driving cars, the removal of that metal cage does something quite peculiar; it makes you feel like you’re on top of the world as you ride. Obviously, there are still myriad safety concerns and checks to undertake on a minute-to-minute basis as you ride, but the two experiences – riding a motorcycle versus driving a car – are as different as night and day. Here’s everything you need to know about riding a motorcycle in 2019, whether you’re a beginner who’s never been in a vehicle before or an expert looking to learn more.

You need good gear

Driving a car is unlike riding a motorcycle in many ways, but one of the most crucial differences is that you’ll need good gear. There really isn’t an official uniform for driving; sensible shoes and no mascot costumes seem to be the driving (no pun intended) principles. For riding a bike, however, you’ll need good leathers, a great-quality helmet, and more. Your equipment journey starts with a little tip: for boots click here. You’ll thank us when you’re strapping yourself into some of the finest motorcycling gear there is. Try to wear it in before you hit the road, because it will probably feel a little strange at first.

It’s safer than you might think – if you ride well

According to the NHTSA (the American traffic safety administration), in 2015 alone, around 33 percent of riders killed in motorcycle accidents died as a direct result of their own speeding. 40 percent of those accidents involved riders that weren’t wearing helmets. Motorcycles carry more inherent risk than cars – there’s less overall protection for you if you crash, after all – but a heightened level of vigilance and consummate skill behind the handlebars mean that you shouldn’t crash if you ride well and keep your eyes on the road at all times.

You can burn calories

Believe it or not, riding a motorcycle actually counts as pretty decent exercise. Since you always need to control the direction of the vehicle itself – rather than using a steering wheel to direct a car – you’re engaging in constant low-impact activity. This means you’ll be consistently burning fat while you ride. Of course, this shouldn’t serve as a complete replacement to your usual exercise regime; you won’t be able to shed the pounds quickly or efficiently just through motorcycle riding. Still, it’s not bad as a bonus over cars, eh?

Filtering is a revelation

You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced the joy of filtering through traffic. Naturally, you should check your location’s laws about this before you attempt it, but in a nutshell, filtering is what motorcyclists are doing when they weave through stationary traffic in order to attain a more advantageous position. It’s legal in most places, provided you do it safely and without any risk to either yourself or to other drivers. No more getting stuck in constant traffic – just move your bike between cars and watch as you leave the big metal cages behind.

Riding a motorcycle has positive effects on your mental health

Around one in four people in the UK have been diagnosed with a mental illness or with mental health issues. If you’re one of them, there is, of course, absolutely no shame in this. One way you can improve your mental health is to ride a motorcycle. Doing so causes adrenaline to course through your veins, which in turn releases endorphins that will raise your mood and improve your mental health. Besides that, there’s just no substitute for riding through the countryside without metal walls to hem you in. Freedom feels good, after all.

You can improve your mental acuity

When you’re driving a car, you’re simply sitting in the seat and (eventually) mindlessly pulling levers, pushing buttons, and turning wheels. Your brain will soon start to perform the necessary driving actions completely on autopilot. When you’re on a bike, however, you’re working hard at making sure the vehicle goes where you want it to. Concentrating on your technique, as well as watching the road in front of you and accommodating other drivers, means you’re always using your grey matter when you ride a bike. It’s a mental workout in and of itself.

It’s peaceful

Of course, it’s entirely possible to find peace if you’re driving a car, but there’s just something special about a motorbike that invites a feeling of zen. When you’re riding out in the country or the desert with nobody’s thoughts to keep you company but your own, there are few feelings comparable. Riding a motorbike is great for dealing with anger, too; although you absolutely shouldn’t ride without being emotionally stable, if you do find yourself struggling with anger then getting on your bike and going for a ride is a tremendous help. Just be safe.

It’s environmentally friendly

Although there are some bikes which do consume fuel at a faster rate than cars do, you’ll generally find that due to their size, motorbikes are better for the environment. It’s not just about fuel consumption, but also how many resources the bike costs to construct, how many can be made in the same space of time as cars, et cetera. Eco-friendly motorbikes are also being produced and will greatly increase the efficiency and environmentally-friendly quality of the vehicle. If you care about the environment, drop your gas-guzzler and go bike instead.