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What You Need To Know About Online Privacy

Internet privacy can be very confusing. While you want to share your social media posts with your family and friends, how do you know that your private information will not fall in the hands of the wrong person when you are trying to send it to a retailer? 

Your concerns are justified because plenty of people’s private information falls in the wrong hands. In America, almost half of all internet users do not know how to keep their email information safe. 75% of people who send or receive emails feel that their personal information may be accessible to other people. Approximately six percent of all internet users have had their reputation injured because of the internet and 86% of internet users in America have attempted to get rid of their internet footprint. Fortunately, it is still possible to keep your personal information safe. Keep reading to find out how.

The Internet Is Forever

When using the internet, the most important thing to remember is that anything you post is likely to be there forever. You can delete it but it is still accessible. You should, therefore, refrain from posting anything that could be embarrassing or dangerous. Do not post your personal information since you do not know who could access them.

Secure Your Social Media Sites

If you need to use social media sites, ensure that your personal settings are secure. If, for example, you post directions or any personal information on your social media platforms, you should make sure that they are hidden. You may think that you have nothing important to hide but that is not always the case. Malicious people may use your personal information to stalk or blackmail you.

Remember to Disable and Delete Cookies

While using the internet, you may have noticed that as you browse from one site to another, you keep getting the same ads. It is because marketers monitor your activities online using the sites that you visit. They come up with your profile based on your online activities. If you don’t want them to keep monitoring your activities, you should delete and disable cookies as often as you can.

Consider Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

A VPN creates an encrypted connection from your device to a private network. Your original IP remains hidden to hackers with a VPN and other cybercriminals cannot access it. It allows you to browse the internet as you please without the fear of being monitored. Your private information remains safe. Using a VPN does not only keep your private information safe but also allows you to access or share files remotely.

Beware of Social Engineering

If you are online all the time, you are likely to be a victim of social engineering. Identity theft is a real threat and it affects millions of people every year. Criminals can hack your account or trick you into divulging your personal information. They may use spyware or malware to get to you. Cybercriminals have clever ways that they may use to trick you into giving them your personal information. You should, therefore, avoid opening unknown attachments or links. Do not share your private information with unknown people or sites.

Don’t be Predictable With Your Passwords

Even though using the same simple password for all your sites may seem convenient, it is not a good idea. If a cybercriminal is able to get into one account, they will be able to get into all your accounts. They may be able to get your personal information. Come up with a password that is secure and write it down so that you do not forget. A strong password should have 12 or more characters including letters, numbers, and symbols. The letters should include both lowercase and uppercase. It should not be a dictionary word or any symbol that can easily be associated with you.

Use Expert Services

Whether you are building a website or an app, it is always advisable to hire an expert. There are professionals that are experienced in all of the best frameworks, such as Gridsome, as well as programming languages, like Java, and they will know how to craft a secure site or app. You can’t leave this sort of thing to chance. 

Always Read the Terms and Conditions

Most people agree to the terms and conditions of a site without reading them. That can be a huge mistake. Most sites have a Privacy Policy that comes with their terms and conditions. It clearly states the information that the site is allowed to collect from you. It may be long but you need to read it to the end to know exactly what you are getting yourself into. If you don’t, you may be allowing them to access your personal information.

Always Update Your Software

Older software and OS make you prone to attacks. Use your auto-update feature to ensure that your apps are always up to date. Using the latest versions of software keeps your information safe. Updated versions of any software will contain updated security features.

The internet can be a blessing or a curse depending on how you use it. Even though it has plenty of advantages, failure to pay attention to your security needs may lead to major losses. The number of hackers is on a constant rise so you need to put in some effort to secure your online privacy. Employ appropriate measure to ensure you reduce instances of being a victim. Work towards improving your online presence but remember it is easy to be bullied online these days.

The Upcoming iPhone 12 Will Offer UWB Pulse Tech, And It’s Insane

When Apple released the first iPhone, the underlying appeal was the fact that you finally had a device that could mimic the function of a PC, but fit in your pocket. The main innovation was the operating system which Apple adapted from their regular desktop version. It allowed users to interact with various apps in an intuitive way, plus the internet, just like regular OS.

For the last thirteen years or so, Apple has been riding on the coattails of this innovation, improving both software and hardware along the way. The iPhone 1 and iPhone X are very different devices, but a part of the same pedigree. You can see how one led to the other. 

The iPhone 12, though, is a very different proposition. This handset seems to be Apple’s attempt to prove that smartphones haven’t plateaued. And there’s plenty to be excited about – so much so that I might sell my iPhone 8 plus

UWB Pulse Technology

If you haven’t come across the UWB acronym yet, you’re about to start hearing a lot more about it. Apple plans on introducing this brand new technology to upcoming hands, giving users capabilities that they never imagined they’d have. 

UWB stands for “ultra wide-band” and allows users to map their physical environments in three dimensions. An emitter sends out a signal in all directions into the background. It then measures the time it takes to bounce back off physical objects. It’s the same system boats, and submarines use to map the ocean floor, except a thousand times smaller than the cumbersome devices that they use. 

UWB, Apple hopes, will open up a range of new capabilities. The company says that it wants to introduce “room-scale” GPS, providing more detail in the maps it gives customers for navigation. Eventually, it could use environmental scanning to help people find their way through buildings or forests. 

The fact that Apple is introducing this technology so early is a little weird, to say the least. Usually, the company lags well behind others in the industry. For instance, Apple introduced GPS only after other companies had been using it for years. The company was also slow to update its Bluetooth standard. It took ages to move from 3.0 to 4.0. 

Find Missing Items

Apple also sees the technology as a solution for finding missing stuff. You can get tags right now you attach to things that you’re liable to lose – such as keys, wallets, and even children. But actually determining their precise location in a built environment isn’t easy. There’s stuff everywhere. 

UWB pulse technology, though, allows you to pinpoint an object in 3D space, meaning that lost keys will soon become a thing of the past (so long as you attach a suitable tag). 

Of course, Apple is keen to emphasize the other techs that they’ll be introducing, but UWB is brand new. Theoretically, users could use their phones to scan objects and then send files to 3D printers. It’s a brave new world.

12 Things You Should Know To Create Awesome Music At Home

You don’t need to hire an expensive studio to make amazing music – but it does help to have a suitable environment and know a few tricks of the trade. If you want to start making amazing music right at home, then here you’ll find 12 things you should know. Read on for advice that could change your entire process and revolutionize your music. 

Invest In A Soundproof Room 

First of all, it’s a good idea to invest in a soundproof room to keep sounds from outside out. You don’t need anything too fancy. Sound curtains and thick blankets can help to keep the noise out, as can bookcases and acoustic wedge panels. It’s also a good idea to get rid of any shaky items or those that could begin to vibrate once you play music. You can get more technical with it, but this is the easiest way. 

Practice As Much As Possible

Amazing equipment won’t be enough to get you by if you’re not practicing on honing your craft and getting as good as you possibly can. Practicing is the key to making amazing music, but make sure you set goals for your practice. Schedule practicing in just like you would any other important task and having a goal for each session will help you to stay on track, and will also give you a good idea of how you are improving. You can practice just for fun, but if you really want to improve, set specific goals. These little goals will add up and make a huge difference over time!  

Eliminate Hard Surfaces as Much As You Can

Make sure you eliminate hard surfaces in the room you’re going to make music in. They can be your biggest enemy since they bounce sounds around. You might think things like hardwood floors and countertops won’t do any harm, but they could ruin your sound. Installing thick curtains and carpets is often the easiest way to create a more acoustically sound room to practice and record in. Round furniture can also stop sounds from bouncing off surfaces too much. 

Use A Metronome

A metronome helps to create a more consistent tempo as you play your music. Our natural timekeeping can go up and down, so this will ensure you stay in time no matter what. Your sound will be cleaner, and it’ll also make the digital editing process so much easier. Your metronome will sync up your recordings and you’ll have an easier job of manipulating them later.

Tune Your Instruments Regularly 

Ok, so you don’t need to tune before every song you record. In fact, it isn’t unheard of for big stars to stop in the middle of what they are doing and tune up their instrument – Jimi Hendrix, for example! However, you should make the effort to tune your instrument before every major recording session. Don’t forget to tune, and you’ll sound great as you get into ‘the zone’. If you record with an out of tune instrument then you’ll need to retake, and this will no doubt be frustrating. 

Find The Right Equipment 

When you’ve got the above sorted, you can look for equipment upgrades if you feel they are needed. They won’t help you to be the best if you’re not consistently working on your craft and everything else involved, but they can make things much easier and help you to sound better, too. Check out an authoritative technology blog to see what the best pieces for you might be. 

Build A Platform To Get Feedback 

You might not feel ready, but that makes it even more important to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself by putting your music out there. Pick a platform and put some music out there, and don’t forget to ask for feedback! It takes guts to finally put yourself out there, but it’ll be good practice for when you’re creating masterpieces. It’ll also help people to get to know you and begin following you early on. People love following the journeys of the musicians that they enjoy! It might also be a good idea to use forums so you can ask people who do not know you personally for feedback – this way, you can make sure they are not biased. 

Visualize What You Would Like To Achieve 

Visualization might sound hokey to you, but many athletes and entrepreneurs use it to successfully get to where they want to be. See where you would like to get in your mind’s eye. What would you like to sound like? What sort of results would you like to get? What sort of a following would you like to build? Make sure you incorporate all of the senses as you do this!

Learn From The Greats

Make sure you also take the time to learn from the greats. Analyze the songs you admire and research the artist’s processes. You might be surprised at the weird and wonderful techniques that you come across! 

Be Specific With Your Time Limit

Time is a hard scale to balance. If you have too little time you won’t get anything done, but too much and you’ll have too much time to think and second guess. Diamonds by Rihanna was written by Sia in 14 minutes. Give yourself 10-15 minutes and see what you can come up with! 

Cut It Out

Cut out some words swimming around your head and see if they inspire ideas. David Bowie did this for Moonage Daydream, and called it ‘a very Western tarot’. You don’t need to limit yourself to words. You could do it with anything – chords, notes, melodies, or something else. 

Seek Out A Mentor 

Is there somebody you know who could mentor you and show you the ropes? Perhaps you could ask them if they will mentor you, even if just for a few sessions. Maybe they’ll agree to listen to and review your music, or teach you a few of their tricks. Don’t try to do it all alone!

Why Most Medical Answering Services Suck

Why Most Medical Answering Services Suck

A quick Google search of “medical answering services” shows that most medical answering services leave a lot to be desired. From poor customer service to non-compliance with privacy laws and service interruptions, it’s easy to see why some health care practitioners are wary about outsourcing this vital service. 

Poor Customer Service 

With all businesses, customer service is a vital area, and for medical answering services, it’s one of the most critical aspects of their jobs. Often callers report negative experiences with medical answering services, such as rude and uncaring operators. These adverse events can cause patients Speaking with patients requires patience and empathy. 

People are calling because of emergencies, sharing private and sometimes embarrassing information. They need to be met with customer service representatives that can stay calm, help soothe them, and direct them to the information they need quickly and respectfully.  

Non-Compliance with HIPAA Laws 

Compliance with HIPAA Laws is a huge issue. Violations of these health care regulations are confidentiality breaches between the doctor and patient and open the medical practice and answering service up to extensive fines from federal agencies. It can also lead to civil action against both parties and even problems with licensing agencies and oversight boards. 

Federal agencies take these complaints very seriously, and penalties alone can range between $100 to $50,000 per patient depending on the severity of the situation. Even an “innocent” violation can cause a $100 fine.

Service Interruptions

Problems happen. Storms, tech difficulties, and other unexpected situations can cause medical answer businesses to have service interruptions. While these events may be rare, a responsible company has a backup plan that limits the downtime to a few minutes. Lives often depend on reliable medical answering services, and when patients can’t reach their doctor during an emergency, it can have catastrophic results. 

This is different from pre-planned downtime, where the agency may be completing repairs and upgrades. However, even when they notify you of planned outages, these should be short, and medical practices should always have a backup option offered by the outsourcing agency. 

They Only Offer Inbound Services

Although not as severe as non-compliance, poor customer service, and physical service interruptions, its vital for outsourcing agencies to offer more than one function. For example, many small medical practices don’t have the funds for a full time receptionists, leaving phone calls to go to voicemail during appointments and after hours. 

An answering service can pick up the calls during appointments, and other times, practitioners can’t be near the phone. This frees up time for nurses to return calls and check-up with patients without missing important calls or having to place one call on hold to answer the other. The extra layer of customer service the small business can offer can increase patient happiness and increase word-of-mouth referrals.
There are medical answering services that provide excellent service and adhere strictly to all privacy guidelines. Contact CallNet Receptionists today to learn how we can help you better meet your patient’s needs and improve your ROI.

7 Benefits of Using Digital Sign Solutions

Digital sign solutions have entirely changed the way we do things. This technology has made the business world easier by improving communication and interaction between business owners and consumers.

30 Examples of Good Content for Digital Signage - ScreenCloud

If you are a business owner and are not part of this new technology, you miss a lot. Read through this piece and find out how you will benefit from this discovery.

The most effective way to customer support

You have probably been at the purchase point in a retail shop waiting behind someone to be cleared to inquire about a product. Gone are those days. With digital signage, it is all about self-service. Self-service engage shoppers much better, and shoppers who receive excellent services will become actual customers.

Digital signage engages shoppers without requiring support agent interaction. This reduces congestion and saves you a lot of time.

On the other hand, waiting around for a long time to inquire about a product may mean that the shopper will never return. In the worst scenario, they are likely to tell their friends about it or post on social media or give the experience a bad review.

It provides a consistent and cost-effective system

Your brand needs to be consistent across different locations. If a consistent system is not adopted, brand identity will disappear in the myriad of the communication touchpoint.

Digital signage is the best way to keep your brand consistent across different locations. It is always crucial that the in-store essentials in one area are compatible with the in-store essentials in another location.

Another crucial benefit of digital signage is its ability to implement new sales, offers, and products quickly. For instance, displays in numerous stores located at different places throughout the country can all be changed simultaneously from one remote location when a company wants to launch a new product.

With that said, it is apparent that companies can retool their marketing effort or pull their offers without incurring a lot of costs.

It is extremely personalized

Being “personalizable” refers to an organization’s ability to tweak its advertising based on the digital sign location. Take, for instance, the following scenarios:

  • running a public health organization: you can display different statistics for different sub-populations based on different neighborhood composition
  • running various retail stores in the city: you can tailor a sign to announce a sale in a particular store in the town and not in the rest
  • operating in a city of mixed languages: you can offer the option to read the information in different languages based on the customer’s choice
  • a multinational company providing up to date weather conditions at its various offices based on the exact local condition
  • a restaurant is modifying its menu based on season change or customer suggestions
  • the last scenario is sending hyper-personalized ads to customers’ devices, based on their purchase history

All this is managed through a central system.

Drive traffic

Digital signage is likely to drive traffic to your business because it demands more attention from a passer-by. For instance, having your retail shop contents displayed on city street screens will introduce your business to the public. Such displays usually direct those who may otherwise have never heard about your business. 

Even though other signage types can attract potential customers, digital signage has the upper hand since it can leverage motion. It is said that digital signage captures an average of 400% more than the static signs. 

In addition to animation, information displayed can be manipulated in specific ways to influence viewers even further. Such unexpected changes in direction can also be used to solicit a particular response. 

It not only saves time but also helps pass time

Digital signage saves time in various ways. In one scenario, you make your advertisements quicker. You don’t have to type and print the promotional messages.

Secondly, the long line is a good reason for shoppers to leave your retail shop for another. With digital signage, people are likely to wait in line as well but with no frustration since the screen will occupy their minds.

According to a study on the checkout line, 69% of shoppers admitted that the long line is the most frustrating part of shopping. Consequently, 85% of these shoppers said watching digital displays helped them pass the time as they wait. 

Having digital signage in your restaurant will help clients wait in patience as they are being served. You have probably been to a restaurant without a screen display; the first thing they do is give you their menu. The menu is to show you what they offer and destruct your attention from the long wait.

Reduce printing cost and paper consumption

Before the digital signage, we used to type nearly all the promotional information or any other notice. Many organizations still do that. This traditional signage involves a lot of costs, yet it doesn’t reach a lot of people.

With digital signage, you can pass on information among the staff members, clients, students, and the community without printing anything. That will spare you a lot of expenditure.

Besides, digital signage is a way of going green in the long run. It reduces the need to print paper notifications that are manufactured from trees. Sparing the papers means saving trees as well. Therefore, digital signage is an eco-friendly technology.

Earn advertising revenues

Digital signage is a significant investment that requires a lot of capital, and many business owners fear to venture into it. One piece of information that you have been lacking is that they can pay for themselves. Apart from displaying your messages only, you can decide to sell message space to local business owners. This can be a great way of generating money, and if you are lucky, your capital will return in no time.

Final thought

Now that you have known the secret of making your business operation effective, I am sure you don’t want to do without digital signage. Every business owner needs to attract customers, lower expenditure, save time, have effective communication within the organization, interact with customers, and operate remotely, among other benefits that this technology offers. This is truly a revolutionary foot; join the trend, and make your business boom.

How to Free Up Space on Your Website

When you have hosting for your website, you only have a limited amount of space to use. If you only have a small site, it’s likely that you won’t use up all the disk space that you’re given. However, over time your website might expand, and you can find that you’re running out of space or your website has slowed down. You could pay for more disk space, but perhaps you don’t want to do that. If you would rather try to reduce the files kept in your hosting, you can use a few techniques to free up space. Try the following ideas to achieve this.

Convert Files Into Smaller Formats

Some files can take up a lot of space, especially if you have a lot of different files in the same large format. Images can be a problem if you have an image-heavy site or even if you just have a few particularly large images. One way to deal with this is to convert files to more compact formats. The HeavyPDF – PNG to PDF Converter allows you to convert large images into smaller files that still look good. This is ideal for downloads or images that you want to link to.

Organize Your Emails

Web hosting often comes with an email account. Your emails will then take up some of your disk space, although individual emails are usually not very large. Getting rid of some emails in your inbox that you no longer need can help you to free up some space that can be put to better use. You should also empty your trash, as well as the spam or junk folder. If you have emails that you want to keep, you can download them to your computer instead of leaving them on your hosting account. You could also consider looking for a separate email hosting service.

Host Video and Audio Elsewhere

Video and audio files are generally some of the largest that you can host on your site. If you have only a few files, it might not matter much. But if you want to post audio or video regularly, you can find that you quickly require more disk space. Instead, it’s better to find other places to host your video and audio files. YouTube or other video sites like Vimeo or DailyMotion can allow you to embed your videos on your site but host them elsewhere. There are also sites for hosting audio files and podcasts that you can use.

Move Your Backups

Backing up your website is smart, protecting you from losing your content if anything happens. However, if your backups are kept on your host server, it takes up space. You should still make regular backups of your site, but you should try to store them elsewhere so that you can save more space for other things. You can keep copies on your own computer, as well as other places.

Free up space for your website by clearing up your disk space so that you can avoid running out of space.