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Note: I am in the middle of porting content from my main music site, to this one, so some of the links below don’t work yet. Please access that page until I have everything pulled over here.

Once upon a time I was a little known punk rock star from Louisville, KY. If you are interested in music, notes, and some Louisville music history from the 80’s and 90’s, read on.

Also interspersed are some of the other bands I’ve been in since moving to Asheville, NC in 1992.

Current Projects

The Night Trotters are my bluegrass music from Asheville, NC. We started in 2012, and we still play out today, though it’s usually private gigs (wedding and events).

Will Chatham – Geekamongus LP – My first solo album. Also available in iTunes, Amazon, and some others. Released September, 2012.

Older Stuff

The songs on this site are from bands I have played in, people I have played with, and stuff I recorded since about 1988. Some of it rocks, some of it sucks. You get to figure out what is what.


You may download, copy, redistribute, and sing to all the songs on this site for free. You may not sell them. You may not alter them or rename them. That is all I ask.



Channel 18


Garbage Bear

Me & My 4-Track

Second String Bluegrass Band

The Merle

The Modlins

The Whappers


Unholy Trio

You Dirty Rats

The Night Trotters

Louisville Music History