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There’s a Spotify playlist featuring songs that I have played on you can listen to here:

Some of it is solo material from Geekamongus, but most of it is from various bands I played in.


Here’s an open directory full of my songs. Enjoy:

Louisville Music

Once upon a time I was a little known punk rock star from Louisville, KY. If you are interested in music, notes, and some Louisville music history from the 80’s and 90’s, check out my Louisville Music History page.

Current & Recent Projects

I am currently playing drums in a ska band with no name, and being at the early stages, we have nothing for you to hear yet. Stay tuned.

The Night Trotters were my most recent bluegrass music from Asheville, NC. We started in 2012, and finished around 2015. We mostly played private gigs (wedding and events).

Will Chatham – Geekamongus LP – My first solo album. Also available in iTunes, Amazon, and some others. Released September, 2012.