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It is with mixed feelings that I announce this blog post is a paid review of

On the one hand, I enjoy writing reviews, particularly of new Internet services, and I really like the idea of being paid to hang out on the Internet all day. Heck – that’s why I started some of the other sites I have started, such as Not that I’m making much more than enough to buy a Diet Coke per day off these ventures (yet).

On the other hand, it’s pretty much a sellout when you come here to see me writing for dollars. But can you blame me? If I even do any more of these, I promise to try and keep paid posts informative and objective. OK?

I saw a review of ReviewMe and thought I’d take it for a spin. It’s basically a site that is recruiting bloggers from everywhere to register and write reviews. If you have a product or service to sell, you can use ReviewMe to start generating an instant buzz about what it is you are trying to push. It’s really a pretty ingenious idea, really, brought to life through a snazzy Web2.0-style site that is easy to use and figure out.

My first impression of the service though, is that unless you are already a well-established blog writer online, your chances of making much money from ReviewMe are pretty slim. I submitted this blog and my Dumpworthy blog but the latter got rejected by ReviewMe for not being popular enough. The irony is that Dumpworthy is a review site. Go figure.

They seem to judge worthy blogs on the amount of linkbacks, traffic, and existing posts. Not a bad idea to weed out the cruft. Still, this site only received one out of 5 stars, so I am wondering if I will ever get contacted about writing any reviews. Were this blog more targeted to technology or something, I might get a higher score.

I think the ReviewMe service will probably become wildly popular though, as it is simple and effective, and it looked like you could make at least $40 per review. This gets the gears turning in my head for starting a new site that will be more focused, and might attract more potential reviews.

Perhaps this warrants a follow up review of ReviewMe in a few months; once I see if it works out at all.

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  1. JW JW

    Hi. My blog was rejected too… it’s really a shame. I cater to a small church population that knows nothing about link-backs and traffic, but they’re always asking me “Is this a scam? Is that a scam?” Let me know when you get your service up and running!

  2. Ah…mine was accepted which is why I wrote that post. Sorry if I didn’t make that clear.

  3. Avi Avi

    I just joined and got approved but I still do not kow if this is a scam. time will tell i guess. and my blog is pretty small circulation too.

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