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Year: 2006

Several Things Of Note

Please don’t send me Microsoft Word Documents. ‘Nuff said.

The Origami Boulder Company sells finely crafted works of art.

The 419 Eater details a hilarious scamming of the scammer in this effort to fight back against infamous Nigerian Scams (419’s).

Me and Jeremy getting mad props for Channel 18 on Mefi Music

Another Chatham family right-time-right-place newspaper appearance.

On those Interwebs, you have to know how to ask questions the smart way.

Sometimes, it’s useful to know how to snatch an expiring domain.

Another useful thing is A List of Every Website Statistic Publicly Available.

Sit back and laugh as you make your best friend talk to his/her ex boyfriend/girlfriend on the phone.

Joey’s history of bands in Louisville is good. That’s pretty much how I remember it too.

The Old Switcheroo

On January 2 I’ll be going back to work at the Air Force Combat Climatology Center, but this time with a new contractor, P3I. My previous time there ended when the contract ran out and there was no money left to rehire me, but the new contract started with the new company, and it is good for a few years. They made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, and Alicia and I decided we were in need of a little stability in the work scenario right now. My position will be Web Applications Developer and Designer. That’s a mouthful.

I’m really looking forward to being back there in a lot of ways. I had a lot of good friends there, and have missed the comradarie as well as being able to work on some high-end applications and systems. I’ll be able to hit the ground running since I spent a year and a half there already.

However, I’ll definitely miss the flexibility I’ve had and the fun time I’ve enjoyed with Position Builders, especially the hacky sack breaks. It was really tough to make this decision, and I feel bad about leaving what was an excellent job with great people.

So that’s the news.

Following up on the previous post about the Ion ITTUSB turntable, I can’t find one in stock anywhere. I went ahead and placed an order with Amazon, but they said they wouldn’t have it in stock until January 27 – February 15. If anyone knows of anywhere that has one of these things in stock, PLEASE let me know! I can’t wait that long!

New Music!

Back in August I was in Louisville and got to record some tunes in an airplane hangar with Jeremy. It was too much fun. Check out the free tunes to hear them. Jeremy provides the guitar and bass, while I do the drums and other banging of things. Listen closely on one of the tracks for the jet plane taking off, which cleverly disguises an error in the song we made.

On another note, Jeter completely rocked my world this week by sending me the previously mentioned 7″ recording of Bastro doing My Dad Is Dead’s Nothing Special, a song which is very important to me because of its awesome drumming. Not to mention the fact that it’s just an awesome song, and I have been dying to hear it since 1992. I couldn’t believe it when it showed up in my mail, and my wife and kids looked at me funny when I shouted with glee and jumped onto the coffee table. Thank you, Mr. Jeter. I owe you one. Or 100.

Now, I must go buy a turntable. This 7″ has pushed me into deciding to delve in and get the Ion iTTUSB, which will allow me to start converting my 400+ vinyl albums to digital format. This will take a while to do, but there is so much vinyl I have that never came out on CD that it will be worth it.

Lastly, I’ve decided to start a new band. I’m going to put an ad out soon seeking one guitarist and one bass player to form the power trio from hell. If it doesn’t leave my ears ringing and my knuckles bloody, then I will have to try again. So, who wants to play?

Fingernails and Toenails

For all you sick weirdos out there, here is the video of my toenail and fingernail licking ceremony. This was submitted by popular demand. One person asked me to do this.

Odds; Ends

From The “That’s So Disgusting” Department
Found a rather hilarious writeup about my Fingernail and Toenail Collection today over at I Am Such a Child. The pics aren’t working on that page, but you should be able to follow along.

I was contacted by about doing a video of myself performing my toenail licking ritual and submitting it to their site. June had originally mentioned that idea a couple of months ago, and I’ve just been waiting until the moment feels right. Stay tuned.

From The Online Web Tools Department
Check out this huge list of online generators for generating things such as 3-column CSS layout and accessible forms.

From The Tooting My Own Horn Department
Someone has erected a Myspace page for Crain. Nice job of collecting stuff.

From The Crucial Apps Department
If you use multiple monitors on your PC, then you must get Multi Monitor Taskbar, a freebie tool that puts a taskbar at the bottom of your second monitor, saving you mouse mileage and window confusion. It also has a nifty clipboard memory tool built in.