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Year: 2009

Avoid Microsoft Windows When Banking Online

Detective Inspector Bruce van der Graaf from the Computer Crime Investigation Unit of the NSW Police says, “”If you are using the internet for a commercial transaction, use a Linux boot up disk – such as Ubuntu or some of the other flavours…It gives you an operating system which is perfectly clean and  operates only in the memory of the computer and is a perfectly safe way of doing internet banking,”

Sounds like a good plan to me, but then, I’m sure most of you reading this are already in agreement. It’s just good to see this sort of thing hitting major news sites.

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Personal AntiVirus for Linux – ClamAV with Fedora 11

I'm providing the original text file for ease of use

Grab it here - ClamAV.on.Fedora


This guide will use the ClamAV CLI scanner and the ClamAV-Update script (freshclam).
I wrote this to help all the HomeSOHO users (servers or desktops).
ClamAV has various tools/packages/plugins for email servers etc. but that’s another story.

If you wish to learn more visit their home site:

Obviously, you can change anything you want, but this should get you going.

McDonald’s in the USA

This is a map representing the contiguous United States of America, visualized by distance to the nearest McDonald’s. Click it for a bigger version.

McDonald's in the USA

The farthest one can get from a McDonald’s in any direction is a mere 145 miles.