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Fedora 11 – Intel / ATI – KMS bugs with video drivers


Starting in Fedora 10 (but disabled by default) Red Hat Fedora started providing the KMS Framework.

Fedora – KMS page: Click Me

X.Org – KMS page :  Click Me

Now if you’ve upgraded/installed the new Fedora 11 (or even Ubuntu 9.x etc.) KMS is enabled by default and you may have noticed there are new/still some regressions in the kernel and certain Intel and ATI cards may have issues.

If you’re having some crazy issues, fear not, you may have an answer here.

Intel Video Issues: Click Me

Ati/AMD Video Issues: Click Me

Note: This isn’t Fedora specific, you may have noticed you cant even enable desktop effects in Ubuntu 9.0.4 under certain cards (without de-blacklisting)

This is just the natural progression of trying to make things better and part of the growing pains that going with non-enterprise distros of Linux can give it’s users……but end the end, it will be worth it.


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