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Month: June 2005

Free is Good

I may have mentioned this before, but I spent some time at today, and wanted you faithful readers to know about it. Epitonic, “Your source for cutting edge music”, is a site where independent, underground musicians are featured, with loads of free MP3 downloads. There is so much good stuff here I cannot believe it, and I have become fans of many new bands and musicians because of this site.

…and stuff

We returned from a jovial weekend at the In-Laws yesterday. Fun in the pool, warm bellies at a good Indian restaurant, and relaxation in front of the big-screen TV were enjoyed by much of the clan. Gray had a ball with all the attention and new people to show him around the place.

The next stop on our summer vacation tour will be Louisville in July, then a week at the beach in August.

We are trying to get all the traveling in before the next kiddo pops out. Still no news on the gender.

Oh, have you seen Revenge of the Sith? What did you think?

I have seen it twice now, and have definitely decided it is the best of all 6 films. My favorite line, spoken by Padme Amidala:

“So this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause”.

New Pics

I just slapped up two new photo galleries for ya.

One gallery is of nice hi-res images from my Olympus digicam, while the other gallery is a low-fi set of pics from my cell phone camera.

Both galleries are from the April and June months of this fine year (that would be 2005 for those of you counting). They do cover two sets of grandparents visitng Gray for his birthday and a whole lot more.

I went to Barley’s with a bunch of folks from work tonight. It was fun, and you shoulda been there. 😛


It’s been a very busy couple of weeks around here. Work has been full-on, both the day job and the moonlighting. I just posted a rough draft of the new web site for NCMAMA, the North Carolina Mountain Acoustic Music Association. I am glad to be working with these fine folks again, and am excited to be a part of the preservation of the mountain music and culture.

I have a rough draft of a site for a fine guitar player up too. Check out So far it’s not much more than a Photoshop layout, but I am currently working on XHTML-izing and CSS-ifying it. There will be CD’s for sale, a dynamic calendar, and more once all is said and done.

Other than that, we are excited about finding out what sex our next prodigy will be in a couple of weeks. I need to buy the domain name and get the site for him/her started ASAP 🙂

Da Da Da.