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Month: August 2005

Where Have I Been?

Sometimes I could kick myself. I had no clue the original Dinosaur Jr. had reunited and were on tour until someone told me last week. Yes, I have missed seeing them.

What hurts worse is that in London on June 21 they played all the songs from You’re Living All Over Me in order, from start to finish. This is my all-time favorite album!!!.


In other music related news, Mr. Geer seems to have his web site going in the right direction.

IE7 Preview has a good review of Internet Explorer 7 beta1. The article goes into detail about the pros, the cons, and the bass-ackward interface changes.

“Microsoft is playing the catch-up game with IE7. Nearly every feature included with this build has already been successfully implemented in most alternative browsers. Crucially, the interface is still not up to par with Firefox/Opera; can we honestly back a new version of IE when there are alternative products on the market offering so much more?”


Web Services

I signed up with a basic account at a couple of weeks ago. They provide online invoicing services geared for freelancers. I tested it out, and found a couple of limitations in the Invoicing that I didn’t care for. Specifically, I desired a way to add notes to invoices, and hoped there would be a way for invoices to automatically recur. Both of these concerns I expressed in an email to their support staff, to which I received a prompt reply. They told me they hoped to add these things in coming months.

Since Blinksale did a lot of cool stuff and made invoice management easy, I was prepared to stay with them, with the strong possibility of upgrading my account.

Enter Side Job Track, another new kid on the web services block. I learned about them from somewhere (can’t remember now) and signed up.

Looks like I am going to be cancelling my Blinksale account, for Side Job Track offers a lot more, at the cost of absolutely nothing. Side Job Track gives you a way to track your projects, time spent, send invoices as needed, and keep your client info organized. I hope to see Side Job Track stay around, for what they provide is definitely valuable and is done quite nicely.

Check em both out and let me know what you think.