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Month: October 2005

Pretty Fly

This is pretty cool. I have witnessed spiders being reanimated after being frozen in a styrofoam cup inside of a freezer (thanks to Chris Layton). I didn’t know you could do it with flies too. In other news, I think we have decided upon a name for the new boy…

Slacking off

I’ve slacked off here on the old blog lately. Sorry ’bout that. So what’s been happening? Well, I’ve rediscovered the joys of Winamp. I stopped using it a while back when iTunes came out because at the time, I thought iTunes was cooler. For a while it was. But I…


On the heels of the newly posted Undermine MP3’s comes an exhaustive list of shows I played while in Louisville bands. This list is complete, from Substance to Crain. There are also anecdotes as they were originally written by me back in the day.


Some yokels from the site asked me about some rare Undermine tunes I had played on and recorded during that band’s last days. Luckily, I found the CD that contained them, and I have posted them on my music site in MP3 format. As always, they are free to…