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Month: May 2006

May 2006

We are back from our week at the beach. Gray turned 3 while we were there, and Dax had a ball with all the family members passing him around. The weather was mild, the trips down there and back were pretty good with the kids in the car, and we ate a lot of good food.

Ben and I were privy to go out for an exciting game of golf at Pawleys Plantation, an Arnold Palmer course, thanks to Amy’s friend Dave. I shot a 115, which I was pleased with considering the difficulty of the course.

To top it all off and make you wish you were there, I have posted some pics of the beach trip and other happenings in May to the photo gallery. Check em out.


Gray turned three at the beach today.

Wrapping paper flew.
A pool was swum in.
Sand was castle-ized.
Waves were jumped.
Cake was devoured.
Bubbles were blown.
Relatives were wrestled.
Naps were taken.
Play-doh was piled.
Magic wands were waved.
Cameras were clicked.

And time has flown.

What’s Going On?

I’ve been working a whole lot.

That’s about it, really. I like working. I really like the fact that the current work I am doing is challenging, stimulating, and educational. I really, really like the fact that I am working for myself and am better off than ever before.



Is that bad?

Only if it leads me to neglect my family, which it doesn’t. I work because I love my family and want to enjoy them more.

What’s my end goal?

Well, of course it would be nice to retire at 45 and vacation the rest of my life, but that ain’t gonna happen. I think I’ll settle for working less, playing golf more, and enjoying my family even more than that.

Is this the weirdest blog entry I have ever made?

Probably. I am interviewing myself. That’s what happens when I start writing after having worked about 50 hours this week. Sheesh.

I did find time to make my first venture into electronic music. It ain’t much, but check out this:

Greebo – by Me (mp3)

Click the arrow to start playing it, right click and Save As to download it.

Tell me what you think. I think it needs more.

Searching For Songs

My search party has returned on their Taun-Tauns empty handed. It’s time to close the shield door on the South Wing as Chewbacca moans in agony.

Pretty much since the original Napster was ever worth a darn I have been searching for two songs, but have always come up empty handed.

The first song, which should be easier to find, is called Nothing Special by Bastro. The song was originally done by My Dad is Dead. This song was one of my favorites, but the only copy I ever had was a tape I made from Paul Oldham’s split 7″ of Bastro and My Dad is Dead. That tape is long gone, but my need to hear the song has only grown stronger over the years. The drumming on it was stellar.

The second song was from a mixed tape originally given to my brother when he was in 9th grade at the Brown School in Louisville (which would put me in 5th grade at the time). I think he got the tape from Brian McMahon or Britt Walford. On the first side was the seminal Flex Your Head LP from Dischord Records (I have that on vinyl still), but on the other side were a bunch of random songs.

There were no liner notes or anything, so I don’t know who sang it, but the song i think was called Refrigerator Kid, and was about a kid getting stuck inside of a refrigerator and suffocating. Morbid, yes, but it stuck with me all these years, and I’d love to hear it again.

That tape I inherited from my brother pretty much steered me away from Def Leppard and Nena, altering my musical tastes forever.

Anyone know anything about these songs, where I might obtain a free MP3, or even buy them?