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Month: May 2007

Links and News

According to W3Counter, which maintains a pretty good cross sampling of web site users (from what I’ve hear, anyway), the use of Firefox for web surfing has risen to an impressive 25%. That is so great to hear, as Internet Explorer is and continues to be the bane of web developers and designers everywhere. Good riddence, another 10% of IE users!

I have long been a scavenger for the best deals on items I am seeking to purchase. I was pleased to find one tool that encompasses many of the bargain-hunter sites I am used to visiting. Before you buy anything online, be sure to stop at!

I discovered an excellent streaming radio station at They play a delectible sampling of alternative and indie music. If you are into that sort of thing, then check it out.

More to come…

A New One

At long last, I have come close to finishing Alicia’s web site!

Thanks to June for the spiffy background image based on Alicia’s art, I think it’s looking pretty good. Alicia isn’t very happy with the quality of the photographs of her paintings though, as they look different from monitor to monitor, and none seem to capture what the paintings look like in real life. That’s just the way it goes with web design, unfortunately.

I’ll be changing content on there regularly, so check back often for Alicia’s latest works.

And starting June 1, Alicia will have a spot at the Kress Emporium in downtown Asheville!

Found Sound

In a previous post I wrote titled Searching For Songs, I lamented about not being able to find a song from an 80’s punk band about a kid getting trapped in a refrigerator. Every few months I would do a Google search to see if anything new had been indexed by that wonderful tool of discovery.

I finally hit the jackpot. Through some amazing eruption of forgotten information from my sub conscience, I recalled a line of the song and was able to locate this post by a guy named Glen Case. The song is called Refigerator Heaven, as it turns out, and the band that recorded it is called The Freeze – an outfit from Boston. Moments later, I had obtained the song from the iTunes music store.

How happy am I to finally be able to hear this song again after 22 years of absence? As happy as a baby Psychlo on a straight diet of Kerbango, dog!

On a side note, Mr. Jeter was able to supply me with the other long lost song I had been searching for. I need Mr. Jeter to contact me with his address so I can send him his LP’s back, along with the digitally converted versions from my USB turntable!!!