Some random goodness to fill up your Sunday afternoon.

Ever wondered what this RSS stuff is all about? Venture over to Mashable’s “Ultimate RSS Toolbox“, then learn how to keep tabs on just about anything on the Internet as it happens.

And speaking of getting organized, I’ve been toying with Essential PIM the last week or so, and have found it working itself into my daily workflow. Even the free version is very robust, but I’m considering a purchase of the version that will let me run it off a USB drive.

I was pleased to find out that Sitescore thinks relatively well of this web site. Plug in your URL to see what might be keeping you from reaching as many people as possible.

If you find yourself with a nagging itch to play video games, then you must visit 100 of the Best Legal Free Full Version Games You Can Download Online.

Simple Spark is a nicely organized catalog of online web applications, ranging from free to subscription. It is easy to find an application to help you do anything from word processing to accounting to chatting with friends. Pretty slick in and of itself, and it leads you to all the fresh Web2.0 goodness (or crappiness, depending on your point of view).



Been at the beach this week, heading home tomorrow. Gray went fishing, kayaking, and crabbing for the first time. Dax collected little crabs and in an upside-down frisbee, undeterred by their little claws. Alicia and I got a little too much sun.