Garbage Bear’s Debut

The second of my two bands, Garbage Bear, had our debut performance the other night here in Asheville, NC. The awesome folks at the Grey Eagle shot some video and put a couple of clips on YouTube (thanks Jeff!).

Local Restaurant Scam

The Buncombe County web site is reporting that scammers have been targeting area restaurants, telling them they need to pay $19.95 each for “hand washing” signs which are required to be posted in restrooms.

An interesting, if not original scam, probably concocted while someone was using the restroom, saw the sign, and got the bright idea.  Fascinating.

Simple SSH Tunneling with FoxyProxy

Ever been to a coffee shop and got worried about hopping on their public wifi network to check your email?  If not, you should have been, and you should presently be concerned about wifi security anywhere you go — a topic we have covered here many times. (more…)