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Month: November 2012

Dear WordPress Theme Developers

For the love of humanity, please quit adding SEO ‘optimization’ into your custom WordPress theme options. Don’t assume we want to use your restrictive interpretation of what is best for our website.


People who know what they are doing.

Evernote 5 for Mac

I love Evernote and I use it a lot to keep my life organized. Still, I wish it had a few things that it doesn’t:

  • Notebooks full of notebooks. I’d like to nest things more deeply. It keeps things organized better than tags.
  • The ability to work with non-Evernote-approved scanners. I want to scan my receipts, docs, and pics to Evernote without having to buy a new scanner/printer.

That’s about it. Until now.

Evernote 5 came out the other day for Mac, and I gotta say I don’t like the new interface. It feels like it introduced extra steps to find things. I’m not crazy about it at all, and I’m hoping there will be a way to revert to a simpler interface.

What do you think?

Renegotiate your cable bill today

As a long-time customer of Charter cable for TV and Internet service, I’ve had many a battle with them over negotiating better deals. One piece of advice I’ve learned over the years is invaluable: call every 6 months to renegotiate your deal with them.

I did this just today, actually. What I learned this time is that they no longer offer special 6 month or 12 month rates on things — something they dropped when their new CEO took over in July, 2012.  Apparently these deals would inevitably lead to a price hike in peoples’ bills once the deal ran out, and that in turn led to angry customers. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

Granted, they should have been aware that their deal was going to expire, but who actually bothers to pay attention to that?

Now, Charter offers levels of bundled services. What I got today is great: every single channel they offer (except PPV and adult channels) for the same price I’d been paying, which only included about 1/2 of the channels.

Why does this matter? Because basketball season is starting and because I was losing out and didn’t even know it.

Lesson to learn here: call your cable company at least twice a year and find out what you could be saving on.