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Year: 2020

How To Set Yourself Up For Working From Home

Working from home can have its advantages, but yes, it can also be challenging, especially if you weren’t expecting to have to do it anytime soon. Sometimes staying focused can be difficult, especially if there are going to be people who are also working at home too. 

Let’s have a look at some of the ways you can set yourself up for working from home: 

Find Individual Space For Anyone That Needs It

You may not be the only person in the household at the moment that needs to work from home, so making sure you have individual space to complete your work is essential. The last thing you want is to be stepping on each other’s toes, getting your work mixed up or feeling as though you are talking over each other if you are having meetings via Skype. If you can’t dedicate more than one area as a working space, think about creating a timetable where you are able to share the space available for large tasks and then work on laptops in another room for smaller tasks. 

Make Sure You Have The Right Equipment

If it has been a sudden request that you now need to work from home, you may find that you haven’t got suitable equipment to be used. If you have a home PC you may be asked to use this and if this is the case to need to ensure that it is up to date, has decent software and is protected from things like Malwares, if you need to get this sorted have a look for some deals such as a Malwarebytes Coupon. If you know you need better equipment, try talking to your employer and see if they can help you set up to working successfully. 

Stay With The Business Dress Code

This sounds so simple, but working at home can bring out the casual you. Just like when companies offer uniforms to their employees, it helps to bring unity and heighten focus. Just like changing scenery gives a fresh perspective, getting yourself ready for work even while at home, gets you in the right mind-zone too.

Stay Connected and Updated

Ensuring collaboration with colleagues and clients can be relatively easy. What is relative about this is, the foundations or procedures that are set in place; usually by a manager or from human resources, that allows everyone to know who their port of call is and are trained in the change of workload-temperament, that comes with the changes to working from home.

These four areas should help you to get ready and set up working from home, do you have any other advice with coping with this sort of change? Please share them in the comments below.

Music Promotion Services – Finding the Best Company

As an artist, especially an upcoming one, promoting your music is a demanding task. Doing it by yourself is exhausting and, at times, fruitless. Music promotion companies come in handy as they know what the music industry is looking for and know how to navigate the charts.

Various companies do offer music promotion services. Some have been around for some time; others deal with specific genres, while others have limitations on what music content to promote. So how do you get to settle on the right one for your needs? Here are some factors to consider.

Genre They Promote

You could be an artist singing various styles. As such, you need a platform that can promote any of them. You can benefit from SoundCloud music promotion services since there is no limitation on what type of music you wish to promote. It offers free promotion services, and as a beginner artist, you can benefit from them.

You can later upgrade to the paid plans that offer your music unlimited followers and plays. You get to see your followers’ comments, and it helps you know how to improve on your next song release. You get to enjoy high-quality services and 24/7 customer support.


The music promotion company you go to should have the right licenses to run and experts familiar with their job. Online research could help you determine the right company to go to. A credible company will know how to treat its customers right and offer them the knowledge to help them gain popularity.

Experience in the Industry

How long a company has been practicing determines how much experience they have in the industry. As such, they have a clear understanding of what works and what does not. You can consult them before signing up with them to know how long they have been in the industry.

A new company may be struggling to set foot in the industry and may not be the best to go to. It can waste your time, energy, and money if it collapses. An established company knows the tricks of staying afloat in the entertainment industry.

Know What the Company Deals With

Before you sign up with a company, you need to know what it specializes in. Some deal with promoting your music by getting your plays and followers. Others offer event coordination, ticket selling, distribution, and marketing.

When you know what you want, you can choose a firm that offers the services you need. Getting more than one service is beneficial as it cuts costs and saves time.


The music industry is vast, and as such, competition is rife. You need to go to a company that is top of the game. If it is among the best, it shows it knows how to handle business effectively.

Your music is in safe hands when an expert is dealing with it. You spend your valuable resources on seeing your music business break even. As such, you do not have to compromise with the quality of service you get from a promotion service.

Product Review: Deelat Solar Street Light

I was in need of outdoor lighting for the area outside my house where we park our cars. I didn’t really want to pay an electrician to come install the typical motion-activated flood lights, but with a stroke of luck, I got a hold of a great solution: a solar powered light from Deelat.

I have never heard of them either, but Deelat makes several types of environmentally friendly solar street lights. Some of them are relatively high-powered and suitable for neighborhoods. What I needed was something on the lesser end of the power spectrum, and the 1000 Lumens LED model seemed about right for my driveway.

What’s In The Box

Everything looked pretty simple when I opened the box, and the included instruction manual was actually a little too simple. There were acronyms in there I didn’t understand, and it didn’t really explain them anywhere. Maybe people who are used to these sorts of things know what they mean, but I do not.

There was a packet of mounting bolts included, though no screws if you were wanting to mount it to a flat surface.

I also noticed that the instruction manual mentioned a remote control, which would be really handy to have, but it doesn’t come standard.

The light can be mounted to a flat surface or to a pole. It looked like the pole would give me the best options for pointing it where I wanted it to go, as there is no way to adjust the direction or angle of the light itself.

Installation and Testing

I kinda improvised the mounting solution with a $5 PVC pipe I grabbed from the hardware store. I didn’t know if this light was going to be a good solution, so I didn’t want to commit to mounting it in a more permanent fashion. You can see what I did here:

I checked it out last night after mounting it, and it provided a great amount of light for the area of concern, even after it didn’t really spend much time out in the sun. I hope that will continue.

The one thing I wish I could do is tilt it or even pivot it around. Not only would this help me angle the light where I want it to go, it would help me angle it so the sun charges it up best.

I do like that it has a couple of different brightness modes that kick on when motion is detected. I’m still not sure what the difference between them is, as the instructions are a little unclear about that.

This might be a good option for you if you want something that doesn’t involve running wires, calling and electrician, or require much in the way of tweaking the direction the light points. I will probably end up mounting this in a more permanent way very soon.

3PL and How It Can Improve Your Business Strategy

Third-party logistics are referred to as 3PLs. They help improve the company’s global capabilities by providing services in shipping, transportation, and warehousing. They reduce costs in these areas and help businesses achieve their objectives without straining. 3PL providers offer logistics that support business aspects such as shipping operations, warehousing, and transportation. These are services that enable businesses to plan and execute logistics in processes and supply chains.

Key functions

1. Transportation

It entails engaging carriers, keeping track of freight, and taking care of insurance. 3PLs lowers transportation costs, improves efficiency and solves supply chain challenges. Engaging 3PL providers offer details to the inventory in motion and help to improve efficiency.

2. Global shipping

Shipping consignments can be stressful for businesses. It is sometimes complicated and time-consuming. However, 3PL will take control of the logistics including performing functions such as freight forwarding, dealing with custom concerns, and consolidation. It saves on time money and relieves the business from unnecessary stress. 3PLs will ensure that compliance needs are met and resultant costs are prudently managed. It ensures that everything goes on as planned.

3. IT

The IT infrastructure is vital in 3PL. It helps the business to manage eCommerce, warehouse and transport operations. Besides it enhances customer relations. Cloud-based systems, API (application programming), EDI (electronic data interchange) are some of the tools that are trusted by 3PLs. The tools provide enhanced visibility to the shipment and supply chain processes.

How 3PL can improve the business

1. It scales up operations

Using 3 PLs allows a business to scale space, transport as well as its labor. It also plays a role in easing the transition between industry fluctuations and seasonal periods. By scaling and customizing services, 3PL helps in meeting the business objectives. It provides service extending to several aspects to the supply chain. It creates value and helps enhance the customer experience. Besides, it improves aspects of supply chain and features tools and technologies needed. Management software is vital in helping to eliminate efficiencies and scale up business operations.

2. Expertise knowledge

Supply chain logistics come with a wide range of challenges. But 3PL providers have the experience and expertise to help them to sort out the challenges. It also helps to streamline business processes. 3PL will highlight issues that are likely to crop up when shipping consignments. It will help sort out issues with customs, documentation and shipping regulations. It also relieves stress associated with adhering to the shipping protocols.

3. It saves time

Time is an important resource in any business. It determines whether the business takes advantage of new opportunities or not. Using 3PL can help your business eliminate the need of investing more resources in transportation, technology, warehouse space, and even employees. It frees resources so that the business can take on any emerging opportunities. Besides, it plays a vital role in helping employees focus on their competencies. It allows them to carry out their duties without hindrance. 3PLs helps organizations to be aware of the supply chain mistakes that waste time. Forecasting on inventory saves on the cost of holding inventory. Lastly, it enables organizations to receive the expertise they need to be efficient.

4. Improves capabilities

3 PLs providers have in-depth knowledge of the regulations in their local markets. They are also aware of how regulations work and how the local market works. Besides, they are aware of how government agencies operate and understand market constraints. It enables them to offer business efficient services.

5. Reduces costs

Goods returned, lost sales and excess carrying costs are eliminated by hiring 3PL’s providers. They can also assist manufacturers to move materials and assets which reduce costs. In some cases, manufacturers can reduce costs by using shared facilities.

6. Optimize environmental objectives

Consolidating routes and training drivers to incorporate fuel-efficient behaviors can help leverage technologies. It reduces emissions and streamlines inventory. Besides, it enhances the performance of vehicles and optimizes environmental objectives.

7. Enhance security

3PLs providers have expertise in security matters and procedures. They provide counsel on the issues and procedures. Providers can monitor and manage supply chain programs easily. It increases safety and makes operations efficient.  Of course, there are many other ways 3PLs can help improve the business strategy. However, the most notable ones are efficiencies in transportation, shipping, and warehousing. 3PLs help businesses to become efficient and scale up their operations. For more details, get in touch with  Distribution Technology – A Charlotte 3PL company.

Technology Supporting Data Based Businesses

Technology has found a way to support us with pretty much everything we do as a business. Technology has become the lifeline that we need. Even when going out and driving, we either use our phones or car for the sat nav. Rewind 10 years ago and we wouldn’t have dreamt of being able to do anything like that. So, it’s fair to say that technology is advancing quicker than it ever has been before is any aspect of life. Whether thinking about business or about our personal lives. Which is one of the reasons why we think businesses are now reaping the benefits more than they ever have before. Because the demand from the public is so huge, the demand for us is too. Instead of a business finding customers, customers are there in abundance. But this means that for any business processing large amounts of data, times have got a lot harder. Because there are so many humans, so many issues, and so many processes in life that people follow, data has just grown in numbers. So, we’re going to show you the technology that’s helping all of the businesses focused on data processing. Hopefully if you’re in this niche you can see if any of the following pieces of technology will benefit you. 

Computer Based Systems

Computers really are changing the way that we’re able to run our businesses. Even those who aren’t largely relying on technology will be using computers throughout the day. So basic office computers are now more equipped than ever before with software to face the working day. But there are some big computers and workspaces now being built to accommodate businesses that are analysing big amount of data. Computer learning is better than it has ever been before, making it easier for them to analyse data correctly. Servers for GPU computing, for example, are now more technologically advanced than they have ever been before. Allowing computers to work at a faster rate, all whilst reducing the issue of human error. 

Easy Office Equipment

Now to the office equipment we were just talking about and how that can be beneficial. Big data businesses are often busy workforces with a ton to do, so getting a virtual receptionist can often be useful. Sometimes queries can hold managers up for half of the day. So, rather than ignoring it or having no one answer the phone all day, a virtual receptionist can do it all for you. It’s far more professional than having nobody answer the phone.

Better Support
Finally, we think one of the reasons why technology is supporting businesses so much more is because they’re providing ongoing support after the sale of technology. Anything from free warranty to 24/7 on call support means businesses are now using their technology for far longer. The only issue with technology is that issues keep cropping up the more technologically advanced the piece of equipment is, and turning it off and on again is not always going to fix the problem.

6 Signs You Should Go Freelance

Freelancing is rapidly growing into a very real and lucrative career. With today’s advanced technology, computers, software, and communication platforms it’s never been easier to drop the 9-5 and start working from home.

Many people think about the idea of freelancing but become quickly concerned about the risk of leaving their trusty monthly salary and added benefits. It used to be that people who went alone or started their own business were considered “risk-takers” and maybe back then they were because the business landscape wasn’t designed for them.

Now, that has all changed. The modern business landscape not only makes freelancing easy but it also makes it relatively risk-free. Here are 6 signs that you are ready to go freelance and start working for yourself.

1. You Hate Your Job but are Great at What You Do

It’s normal to feel undervalued in modern business. Competition is rife and it seems like no matter how you perform the ladder is incredibly slow to climb and mass-layoffs are becoming increasingly common. Plus you have all the company politics that makes it even tougher.

Freelancers are generally people with talent, skills and who work hard but have decided they want their fair share. You can have it too. With the right mindset, tools and hard work you can easily start to cultivate your own business working with clients you love and working on projects you’re passionate about.

That may seem like a pipedream but it’s actually really easy to achieve. Do you spend your days doing your best work? Does your boss love your work? Do your clients appreciate you? But do you never seem to move up in the business? Maybe it’s time to go alone and earn your rightful slice of the cake.

2. You Can Throw Your Hand To Anything

Freelancers aren’t just skilled in their main craft, they know how to do a bit of everything. Accounts, operations, marketing, sales, and client handling are all aspects of the business that freelancers can do. If they can’t then they learn how.

Once you become your own boss and start handling your own projects you have to do all the other work too. But don’t worry, you can organize them how you want to make it the most efficient for you. When you are counting up your own money that you’ve earned directly from clients it doesn’t feel like work either.

Once successful and the money is flowing you could even opt to outsource any parts of the business you don’t enjoy to other talented freelancers. If you simply can’t handle looking at your balance sheet, pay someone to do it for you so you can stay focused on the core business.

3. You Crave a Work/Life Balance

Do you spend all your time at work sitting in a stuffy office full of other people and their drama just wishing you could have your own space and time to do other things?

When you go freelance you can decide on your own work schedule. If you’re a morning person you could decide that your mornings are for exercise, walks in nature or spending time with your family. Then you can get to work in the afternoon and evening when the kids are in bed and all you usually do anyway is watch Netflix on the sofa.v

Freelancing gives you the unique opportunity to create a wonderful work-life balance. It allows you to create time for more important and enjoyable things in life.

4. Uncertainty and Instability Don’t Faze You

To be a successful freelancer you need to accept that it has its ups and downs. There are many benefits to be had but it doesn’t come without some issues. Uncertainty over your next paycheck is the big one. A rule of thumb for anyone wanting to fo freelance is to make sure you have some savings in the bank first.

There will be times where you have no work and you feel an incredible sense of instability. Freelancers can handle this, they think positively, they learn in their downtimes, they enhance their skills and they pull through the tough times. If this scares you, it’s best to stay in the office.

For those willing to struggle with uncertainty and instability, the rewards can be extremely handsome. The key to a successful freelancer is consistency and hard work no matter the situation.

5. You’re Great with Time Management

Do you frequently get annoyed at other people when they are late for meetings or social events? Are you always on time or early for everything? If so, then you probably have what it takes to be a freelancer. 

Freelancers must have outstanding time management. Without it, your work can quickly dry up if you keep submitting work late and fail to turn up for important calls. It’s important that freelancers develop a solid work schedule they can keep too and that keeps them on track with their various projects.

When you’re late for your own business you feel the repercussions much harder than if you work in an office with a disgruntled manager to cover you.

6. You’re a Lone Wolf

To be a freelancer you have to enjoy working in solitude. It’s no surprise that many successful freelancers are also introverts. They enjoy being in their own space on their own time and don’t mind not speaking to others for hours at a time. 

If you enjoy your own company you can thrive as a freelancer with just your computer and coffee machine for company. It’s still important to continue to network both online and offline. 

Today, more than 50% of web traffic is bots (click here to find out more) so it’s best to get out there into the real world and make some real-life connections. There are thousands of public workspaces dotted around major cities for you to use and meet new people.

Taking advantage of workspaces is also a great way to network for your business. It’s likely you will meet other freelancers that can either assist you with your work or could even be a potential client. Worse comes to worst you get a great cup of coffee and change of scenery.