Great Uses Of Software That Can Double The Efficiency Of Your Business

Work work work

When you run a business, big or small, you need to make sure you’re using your resources efficiently, which means making sure all of your operations are running as smooth as can be. There’s a lot that comes into this, so it’s important you have the ability to be critical about all of your workflows. Depending on the business you are, you would be looking at different kinds of software you can use to improve on yourself, which means digging into how you look at what you do. First of all, you should look at your main income and how that money comes to be. Is it working efficiently? are you sure there’s nothing you can do to improve it?

When you run an online business, you have to consider the customers you’ll be getting at all times of the day. If you want to make sure you can serve all audiences out there, you need some kind of software that can log details and orders to make even latest of purchases as valid as any other. Not all members of your audience are going to be able to buy from your store at all times, so it’s essential for the convenience of both you and those customers, that you are able to provide that service for them at all times. You’ll be losing money otherwise! There are many different kinds of software for this, and they’re essential for all online businesses. Of course, there are some sites that require a phone call or email for these transactions, but it’s just not as effective. Especially since, if you do need people to be available at all hours, you’ll have to pay employees to be there! It’s much better to cut that part out, and give the work to the employees you already have on the payroll!

Caring for your customers is essential, which can mean many things. Mainly, customer service is the front that customers see when interacting with you, so you need to make sure it’s as reliable as possible. If you run a restaurant business, you want to make sure your customers are always satisfied. The last thing you want is a bad review or a loss of potentially loyal customers. Firstly, make sure you don’t make mistakes with reservations is vital. Many people plan their dates for days or even weeks, and having a mixup can really ruin everything for them. It’s about more than just the money and the time it took for them, it’s the sentiment of it, and they’re likely not to come back should they not get the service they want. You should check out Schedulefly if you’re worried about management issues with staff or customers; as it’s a software that can help you keep track of this, and you can avoid such issues completely!


Whether you have the best employees around or the worst; they’re still only human. Everyone is prone to making mistakes every now and then, and that’s made even more likely if they’re overworked or tired, and sometimes that’s something that can’t be helped. If that’s the case, getting a software to make up for this can save you from that risk completely. That’s not to say the software you invest in is going to replace your employees; though it could, it can be used as a support program, to bolster and enhance their workflows. It becomes even more vital for your business if your records and data are critical and sensitive information that cannot be mixed up. For example, if customers sign up to your website and order a product, you don’t want that being delivered to the wrong address, nor do you want the customer to be charged the wrong amount! It would count as shooting yourself in the foot if you did this. Either you’re not making as much as you should from the product, or you’re having to send out multiple products to make sure the customer gets what they ordered.

Overall, if you can use software to improve your operations, you really should consider investing in it. It’s not the case of whether you should replace your employees or not, it’s whether you can make better use of what resources and options you have. If you’re a business owner, you should always be looking to improve, and never be afraid of having to make sacrifices to do it; else you may find yourself struggling to grow!

Investing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

If you have decided that the time has come for you to try your hand at investing, it is important to be prepared. We all make mistakes in life, but when it comes to money matters, you will want to minimise these as much as possible. With that being said, read on to discover some of the most common investment mistakes you need to avoid.

Thinking short term – This is one of the biggest mistakes that new investors make. They see investment as a get rich quick scheme, which it is most certainly not. You will not give your investments the time they need to grow if you only think about things on a short-term basis. A long-term plan is vital.

Buying last year’s winners – You need to be on the next big thing, rather than trying to capitalise on something that has already reached its peak. You should not expect last year’s top performing stocks or funds to be successful this year. In any given year, bond funds and stock funds can be impacted by numerous different factors. This includes the likes of political issues, consumer confidence, interest rates, and economic health. There is no guarantee that history is going to repeat itself. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you should overlook a fund manager with an excellent track record and past-season winner that has steady growth performance.

Failing to consider all types of investments – There are so many different types of investments to choose from. Did you know, for example, that the electric power sector accounts for 36% of annual US natural gas demand? However, this is a commodity that a lot of people would not consider investing in. It is important to consider all of your options, rather than simply going for something that is popular.

Trying to time the market – There are some investors that will stay completely invested in stock funds while there is a rise in the stock market, and then when stock values start to fall, they will jump rapidly to the money market or other cash equivalents. However, you need to know exactly when to get out of stocks if you are to make this approach work. You should consider your risk tolerance and your goals for the long-term, enabling you to stay invested.

Putting all of your eggs in one basket – Last but not least, this is most definitely one of the biggest mistakes that investors make today. Diversification is a necessity. If one of your investments does not go to plan, you will be able to fall back on the other investments you have made, which will minimise risk considerably.

If you can avoid the errors that have been discussed in this blog post, you can give yourself the greatest chance of success when beginning your investment journey. Make sure you conduct as much research as possible, go at your own pace, and consider all investment options that are available to you carefully.

Creating The Best Website Possible

People always assume you need a website because you have a business. But this isn’t always the case. You could have a blog, a information site etc. But whatever the reason is for owning a website, you need to make sure you’re building it with the same principle in mind. You want to attract the user in, and keep them interested by whatever is on your website. This can only be done if it is high quality, and the content you’re writing about is interesting. But when you first create your website you might not know what is needed to make sure it is a good quality website. If you’ve designed a blog, then the chances are that you’ve built it yourself using wordpress, which is fine, but we know there’s going to be a few things you need to change. To highlight some of the main features a website should have, no matter what it is for, we’ve listed a few points that we know will come in handy.


This is one of the first things you need to be thinking about. As soon as your user enters the website they need everything to be clear and precise. If your layout is all over the shop it’ll get confusing, and will ultimately put people off using your website. Try and keep things as simplistic as possible with this. The simpler it is, the more navigable it is going to be. There are coding techniques to use that now make things so much easier. CSS can be used to create things such as clean, precise tables as well as other features of the website. Infact, a lot of the website can be programmed through CSS. Here’s an intro to web design with FlexBox CSS. If you’re a website selling goods, then you really need to make sure the layout of the payment process is as simplistic as possible. So many companies out there overcomplicate it for absolutely no reason. Have a simple personal details section, followed by the billing address, followed by the card details. Don’t ask people to create a user before purchasing the goods, let them have the option. When people aren’t forced into it it’ll often make them more inclined to actually create a user.

Colour Scheme

Colours are going to play a big part in your website. If you’re a blog, you’ve got more freedom to be a little more creative and colourful without looking too over the top. If you’re a business, people seem to prefer to be looking at a more simplistic colouring style. It is often seen as unprofessional if there’s bright colours all over a business webpage. Keep it neutral and keep people happy. But don’t be afraid to add in a little bit of colour to jazz it up a little. Just don’t go all bright and in your face. With blogging, the more unique your header is the better. There are some really cool designs floating around at the minute that involve watercolour pieces. It is delicate, yet effective.

Professional Help

Designing a blog by yourself is really easy. The platforms that are available to you do become pretty self explanatory, but there are also plenty of guides on the internet that will help you out. When it comes to designing a company website things get a little bit harder. There’s more intricate parts to the website and you’re going to be under a lot of scrutiny about quality. Plus, designing your own website when you aren’t using platforms like WordPress is incredibly hard if you don’t know coding. This is where the help of a professional is going to come into play. All you need to have is a vision of what you want and they’ll create it for you. Just make sure you’re picking someone who is trusted and who will get the job done in the timeframe you need it done within.

Take Inspiration

Sometimes you will just draw up blanks on what you actually want your website to look at. But there really isn’t anything wrong with taking inspiration from other websites that you like the look of. Whatever you do, make sure you’re not straight up copying. You’ll face a copyright legal battle if the website you’ve stole was protected. But at the very least you’ll face people knowing they’ve seen the design somewhere before. But take little hints from different websites and put them together to make your own. For example, you could really like the layout of one website, and love the ordering process of another. Just make them your own and you’ll be fine.

Small Business Tech Tips to Boost Your Startup

Thanks to the increase in affordable technology and the ever-increasing sophistication of tech, it has never been easier for the average person to start a small business and build it up to be a success on a pretty small business.

Although there is no guarantee that every startup will survive – most don’t even make it past the first year- there are numerous ways that tech can boost your startup and help you make the most of whatever resources, be they time or money, or equipment, that you have available.

Here’s some of the most vital tech any startup should be using:

Cloud Storage

When you take out a loan for a small business, you want to ensure that you use every penny as efficiently as possible, and these days, it just isn’t efficient to store your data on your own server, which is expensive,  requires its own space, and will probably need regular maintenance. No, it is a much better idea to store your stuff in the cloud, where you will be charged a modest sum for the amount of space you use. An added bonus of doing this is that your data can be accessed from anywhere at any time, which means you can let employees work from home for another saving.

Inventory Management Software

Inventory management software is a great way of freeing up time so that you and your employees can concentrate on the challenging task of building your business up. It keeps track of your inventory, automating various manual tasks such as ordering and alerting, so that you can cut costs without having to worry about the state of your inventory.

Social Media

Social media is a fantastic tool for the small business because it gives you a low-cost platform for marketing your goods and services. In the beginning, you should dedicate the toe and money you have to running a couple of social media accounts on the most popular platforms, one of which should definitely be Facebook and the other one which most appeals to your target audience, whether that be Instagram Twitter, or Pinterest. If you post regularly and your content is interesting, you will build a following who you can sell your stuff to at little to no cost.

Mobile Apps

Creating a mobile app, whether on your own or with the help of a professional, has never been easier or more affordable and it is an excellent way to boost your reputation when you’re starting out. If you’re able to create a useful and functional app that appeals to your target demographic, they will download it, and then they’re much more likely to use you in the future.


If the bulk of your business is conducted online, and it is vital that your website doesn’t go down, and you data isn’t compromised (that should be all of you really), then it makes sense, once you’ve got things up and running to hire an ethical hacker to find and insecurities in your setup. Yes, it might not be the cheapest way to spend your capital, but think how much more costly a compromised system and a data breach could be, and you’ll see the advantage.

Do you run a small business? What technology have you used to boost your business?

Making Your Money Work

If you’ve managed to save a little bit of money, you’ve got every right to feel a bit smug. So many people are struggling with debts or living hand to mouth that it can be impossible to save. The cost of living is higher than ever, with prices rising all of the time and the average family spending up to $600 a month on food. For some, this can be half of their take-home pay. So, if you’ve got a little money put aside, well done.

However, you can do more than just have savings. You can make your money make money. Make your savings work for you, so that small amount you’ve managed to save for a rainy day starts growing into something more meaningful. An amount that you could do something big with, or to just give you the peace of mind that you have it if you need it. Here are some great ways to make your money work for you.

Invest It

Investing can be one of the best ways to make your money work, and the more you invest, the more you can make. While it’s true that there is always a risk with buying stocks and shares, if you do plenty of research, learn about the market and use tools such as the TD Ameritrade robo advisor, there’s no reason why you can’t do well.

Move It

For a few years, there was very little point in moving your money. Even so-called high-interest accounts offered pitifully low rates. However, now the interest rates have improved significantly, the easiest way to make your money work for you is by moving your savings into a high-interest account.

Use an online comparison site to find the best rates for your situation, remembering that for some accounts, you could get a bonus payout if you don’t withdraw any money for a set period.

Buy Property

If you’ve got a large amount of money saved up, a property can be an excellent investment. Either buying a house, making improvements and selling it on or buying it to rent it out can make you a lot of money. You will, however, need to look into things like landlord’s insurance and tax and take in to account the cost of any improvements and maintenance.

Pay Off Debts

It can be tempting to leave your debts and focus on saving money. Having savings makes us feel good, safe and comfortable. But, if you’ve got debts, you are paying out money, unnecessarily every month. Use some of your savings to pay off your debts to maximize your disposable income.

Start a Business

If you’ve got some start-up cash and an idea, starting your own business can be an excellent thing to do with your money. However, it could be a while before you start to see profits and it will take a lot of time and hard work to grow. So, don’t use all of your money if you need it for other things and budget carefully to see what you can afford.

Property Swooping: Beating The Professionals At Their Own Game

The two most favorable reasons why getting into the property buying and selling market are that virtually anyone can do it, and due to the nature of the business profits are almost always high. Don’t be fooled however as it’s much more complex than it first might sound. The main complications are the paperwork and legal frameworks which have to be adhered to and fully understood to operate in the market properly. Apart from this, it’s your personal talent that will end up pushing across the finishing line of success. It’s not so much personality, but an understanding of what is necessary to the consumer. Such things as location, style of home, type of buyer, price, materials and quality of purchase are the main factors when it comes to luring in potential prospects. Professional property market companies treat buying and selling as their bread and butter. The one thing they usually have over an independent is the legal bodies required to close out a deal. However, they also need to work with strict tolerances and narrow walls of what is permissible under company culture. This little chink in the armor gives you a chance to slide in and beat them at their own game.

The first point of entering

It goes without saying, but you should have worked out by now, you need to make sure you have a budget and a large lump sum of money stowed away, ready to be used. One of the first points of entry for many prospective buyers who want to enter the property market is the auction scene. Homes that cannot be sold for whatever reason are put up to auction to those who see something in the property that others don’t. It’s a bit of a free for all, and you need to make quick decisions regarding how much you’re willing to fork over.

Be mindful to study the inventory beforehand as all those attending the auction get a program featuring the finer details of each property. There are mixed auctions as well as specific group auctions. The mixed will sell all kinds of properties such as abandoned buildings, apartments, residential homes, larger homes such as manors and mansions and quite possibly even commercial offices. The main use of these auctions is to buy cheap and renovate properties to be then flipped, i.e. sold at a much higher price than you bought for.

Framing Home Apartment Renovation Demolition

Becoming a flipper

In recent years the flipping trend has taken off like a rocket ship. Buying rundown properties that have either been abandoned or simply damaged to a state that leaves the owner unable to sell the property, makes for a brilliant investment. Simply, renovating older properties to harbor new styles of interior design, decor and modern technology allows them to come back from the brink of demolition. However, you must be wary that many properties that are withering away need logistical overhauls. The wiring of the homes needs to be repaired and or updated. Central heating systems often need professional assistance to be brought back to life after having been cleared of gunk. Many real estate agents are hip to the trend and like to buy up properties and do them up by hiring other professional restoration companies.

You can do this yourself. Buying new wallpaper, regrouting walls with worn out tiles, fitting new flooring and installing new fittings such as washing machines, makes a desolate property able to be functioning livable space. Most of your budget will go on renovating as it’s quite common for teething problems to arise during the renovation process. This is where your budgeting skills come into play. The key is not to overspend and if you’re going to make sure you do so in a smart manner. The end goal is to make a decent profit, and this can be nullified if you go over your expenditure boundary.

Swooping in to the sub-sale

On sale properties that are targeted toward specialist buyers reap a large profit almost every time. The sub-sale market has unique contracts that need to be studied carefully as your obligations as the intermediate seller carry a lot of responsibility. The basic premise is, buying a property from a seller, to then immediately sell off to another buyer. It’s a case by case basis but the two types of contracts will either require you to inform the seller upfront that you will be selling the property on to another buyer, or not be required to inform them at all.

Becoming the intermediate seller is easier than you think as explained here, What you need to put at the top of your things to do list when taking on such a deal is the financing. You must have one-fifth of the asking price ready and waiting as this can activate the necessary legal framework for the process to be validated. Your success depends on catering for the secondary buyer’s needs. The location, safety, workplace proximity, accessibility, size, local facilities, and the age all matter a great deal.

So who would want to be the secondary buyer and why don’t they just simply overstep you, cancel out the middleman and just buy the property from the initial seller in the first place? Well as mentioned, these are specialist buyers. You may be selling to a company that deals with high-roller clients such as celebrities. They may not have the resources to go out searching for their client’s specific tastes, so they use independent property buyers for their sub-sale needs. Other types of secondary buyers may be companies that specialize in property development and wish to increase their portfolios. Again, they may not have the time and manpower to hunt for various properties but can rely on intermediate sellers who come to them with a potential prospect property.

Buying land at new sites

Government award contracts to home construction companies to make sure their state department pledges and policies are adhered to. As the population grows and the income bracket of many young professionals looking to start a family also increases, so will the demand for new homes. If you can keep an eye on what sites are soon to be developed on or moreover are being surveyed as potential land that may be suitable for mass production of homes, you could be the early bird that gets the worm. Buying land that meets this criteria could prove incredibly lucrative. Real estate companies will pay a hefty price to get the rights to land that will be built on so you’ll have some competition when you’re out searching. This is one way to beat the professionals at their own game by staying one step ahead. Indeed it is a bit of a gamble, but with enough sound research, you can abate any doubts about where the next new-home sites will be.

If you’re unsure about yourself and have doubts about your capabilities in the industry, you can always start off small by going to auctions of smaller, less expensive properties. Starting your journey as a property expert can also be done by the act of flipping older and worn down properties, by renovating them with a bang for buck restoration. The sub-sale market is a bit more complex as extra provisions will be made to the contractual agreements regarding obligations and securities. On the other hand, it’s a specialist buyers market, so the chances of making a handsome profit are high. On the face of it, buying up empty flat land doesn’t look like much. Yet with the right kind of information and time taken to do the proper research, empty land needed for homes become substantial in value with many interested buyers all vying for your business.