Cerebellum 2010 – “House”

From the concert in Louisville last night. It was a truly amazing experience to play with these guys after 21 years.

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Will Chatham is an Information Security Analyst, OSCP, Ethical Hacker, and Penetration Tester at a federal data center in Asheville, NC. Since Netscape 2.0, he has worked in a wide array of environments including non-profit, corporate, small business, and government. His varied background, from developer to search engine optimizer to security professional, has helped him build a wide range of skills that help those with whom he works and teaches.

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  1. God Dam Will, that was incredible. Thanks for making it happen. Can’t wait for the July 31 show.

  2. I know man, it was amazing. Still seemsnlike a dream. Can’t wait until the next one!

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