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Shadow Person – CD’s Available Now

The new release from Shadow Person, person of interest, is available now. You can pick one up for cheap on Bandcamp. You can also listen to it for free on your favorite streaming service. Check one below:





Apple Music


Shadow Person Bio

Shadow Person, the musical alter ego of Will Chatham, delves into the realms of the shadow self, drawing inspiration from Jungian psychology to the occult. Through thought-provoking songs, Shadow Person explores the depths of hidden emotions, from confronting inner demons to finding peace.

Formerly known for three solo albums, Will Chatham has transitioned into the persona of Shadow Person. With a musical career spanning four decades and contributions to influential acts in Louisville, KY, and Asheville, NC, Chatham has embraced a golden era of home-based production, fueled by creativity unleashed during the depths of the COVID quarantine.

Find Shadow Person on Instagram @shadowpersonmusic, like, and follow!

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