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Song Of The Week: March 30, 2007

This week we return to that late-80’s Washington, DC sound. In the early 90’s, I was so into the DC music scene that I could tell you the member of just about every band going back to 1980, and I could count on one hand the number of Dischord Records releases I did not own, and had not spun at least a dozen times.

When I was playing with Substance in 1987, we had the pleasure of opening for this DC band I’d never heard of called Soulside, an insanely intense band driven by the things that made “that DC sound”: emotion, politics, and passion about playing music that meant something. The show was outside of Louisville on the back of a flatbed trailer by a barn on a farm in southern Indiana. It was hot, it was loud, and it was fun.

I had another chance to open for Soulside at Tewligan’s Tavern in Louisville, when I was in Cerebellum, which to this day remains one of my favorite shows of all time.

This tune comes from Soulside’s second record, Trigger, which is in my all-time top 10 list of favorite albums. Enjoy.

Soulside – Trigger.mp3 – from the Trigger LP.
Click arrow to play, or right-click and “Save As” to download

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  1. felix felix

    hey…here’s another wilco streaming opp, though admittedly it seems like it should already be happening, and i’m not sure it is. i’m sure frank at chromewaves (the link) would offer some helpful advice if you’re interested….

    hope you and the family are well…


  2. Thommy,
    That’s a good idea…I’ll do some pendering on that one. I can barely keep up with the blogs I have, but I like the idea.

    I’ll check that out…thanks for the link.

    I’m glad to know people are reading this stuff 😀

  3. Jon Lucas Jon Lucas

    Your Song of the Week is my highpoint of the week. I was part of the Louisville hardcore scene mainly in the early and mid 90s. Over the years most of my tapes have worn out and my collection of vinyl and cds has largely been lost or stolen. Finding my favorites again on the internet is like hitting the jackpot. Thanks Will. You should get Spot and some early Hedge on here. You know, with Child, Greaseball and Auction Block.

  4. Wow…I’ll be sure to do more then! Spot I do have, but I have no Hedge. I think I was outta The Ville by that point…

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