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Beachy Keen

Within about 36 hours, you will be able to see the latest round of Gray pictures. I am just waiting for the domain name to resolve to my new server. I went ahead an remade the whole site again in addition to posting pictures from the last 2 months, including our beach trip last weekend.

In other news, I was happy to see the Bookmark Synchronizer has finally been updated to work in Firefox 1.0PR, which means I can now maintain a shared set of bookmarks between home, work, and now my USB drive with Portable Firefox.

Firefox keeps getting better and better. Now if they would only develop a version for Windows Mobile 2003 so I could run it on my X3i…(hint hint)

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  1. ifunky2 ifunky2

    As a die hard Firefox devotee I am happy to see yet more development, now if the “zilla’heads” could just get the thunderbird mail client tow ork smoother, I could ditch yet another MS app.

  2. Thunderbird is getting quite good. I use it at home and it has proven to be stable and feature-rich. What problems were you having?

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