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At 9:42 pm, Tuesday, November 15, 2005, baby William Dax Chatham was born!

Dax weighed a hefty 9lbs 12oz, and was 19.5 inches long. Alicia did it all naturally. How, I am still trying to figure out. But it was great!

Sorry, I have no pics yet. Stay tuned!

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  1. Congratulations! Where does the name ‘Dax’ come from?

    We are still waiting on our first… about three months along right now.

  2. Thanks, and good luck with yours!

    Dax was a name we tossed around and ended up keeping mainly because our two year-old decided that’s what he wanted to call his baby brother. We first heard it from a character on (ahem) Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Ezri Dax aka Kirzon Dax). Not that we are big Trekkies (OK, well I am). But then when in labor last night, we were looking through a book of names and found out Dax is a French name meaning “lover of water”.

  3. Java Java

    Congrats, Will (and wife and Dax)! The name is cool (and I’m not even that much of a Trek fan).

  4. I remember “old man” Dax from DS9… I just didn’t want to say anything about it in case it was some special family name… 🙂

  5. trinlie trinlie

    Woo Hoo! Way to go….that’s one big baby. Mine were not quite that big and I’m glad. When does the rest of the world get to meet him?
    Cheers good Daddy.

  6. lerjoy lerjoy

    Congrats, Willis!

  7. june june

    Congratulations! Thats pretty exciting!

  8. lo lo

    Right on. Congrats, Will.

  9. jackson jackson

    you are the man willis. and, you can admit it, you got “dax” from “jax,” and “jax” from “jackson.” it’s okay to go public with this information.

    congrats to you both!

  10. Maureen Sim Maureen Sim

    We called our second son Kirzon Dax our eldest also a trekkie name he is Chakotay cool names we are looking for a name for baby numer 3 not sure what we are having yet . please help us

  11. Well…if we had a girl, we were going to name her Ezri, as in Ezri Dax. Another boy and it might be Kahles (the Klingon god). Like those at all?

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