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What’s Been Happening

Let’s see…Back at the end of February, I got rehired by one of my previous employers, P3I, and am now the Web Developer/Windows Security person supporting the 14th Weather Squadron here in Asheville. Same place of work, slightly different position. I’m still doing mostly Linux system administration (RedHat and SuSE), but with the new Windows part of my title comes the duties of Sharepoint administration. I got to go to Atlanta for a week of Sharepoint training a few weeks ago, and I’m headed to DC for another week soon.

The Whappers continue to rock, and we finished our 3 song demo earlier this month. We have put the finishing touches on our press kit, so look for us starting to play out much more often soon!

Gray turns 5 in May, which is pretty crazy. Dax is 2.5 now. It’s amazing to watch them each develop the individual personalities. They have both reached the age where they play together, which is great during those times that Alicia and I need a little downtime.

Alicia has had several openings at the Merrimon Avenue Galleries, and she continues to sell many paintings and jewelry at the Kress Emporium. It seems her booth is one of the most popular. She has even branched out into finding old furniture, fixing it up, and painting it. Look for an updated web site soon.

I’ve been doing a good bit of side work still too. Nothing to show yet, but several projects are nearing completion.

I think that’s not all, but that’s all I can think of.

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