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Blogging An Event Apart

I am currently at An Event Apart in Atlanta. It’s almost noon, and I am finally online. The storms that ripped through here last night wreaked a little havoc on the network here at Turner Field, but thanks to some dude sitting at my table, I am currently accessing the Web through an SSH tunnel running off his server somewhere. Everyone else here, crouched by their laptops, keep eyeballing us enviously, wondering how we did this.

I haven’t gotten to meet Eric Meyer yet.

Anyway, the day is half over and so far has been quite interesting. Eric Meyer started off this morning talking about the impending release of Internet Explorer 7 and what it means to web designers. Specifically, he spoke about CSS, bugs, and things that will be fixed. Generally, the news is all good.

Still haven’t gotten to meet Eric Meyer.

Following that, Jeffrey Zeldman got up and walked us through how he created branding narratives. This was especially helpful for me since I am venturing into the world of working for myself (as of today!). There was a lot of good discussion about client relationships, conducting business, and the flow of a project.

After a short break, Jason Santa Maria got up and walked us through his process of redesigning the A List Apart web site. Eric is currently up there talking about how he took Jason’s design, and converted it to a CSS layout.

Haven’t met Eric Meyer yet.

This is great! Check back later for an afternoon update.

Afternoon Update – 3 PM
Zeldman is ripping into the copy on as an example of how one can improve the writing on a web site. Pretty funny stuff.

Still haven’t met Eric Meyer.

3:50 PM
Todd Dominey is speaking in regards to starting your own business, attracting and keeping customers, making things work smoothly, and keeping things in order. He is using his freelance business and the Flash-based photo gallery he created to illustrate these points.

And no, I haven’t met Eric Meyer yet.

Woohoo! I just met Eric Meyer and got him to sign my copy of Eric Meyer on CSS for me. He commended me on my choice of the Sharpie Ultra-Fine Black pen.

Final Update
Made it back home at 10:30 pm. Whew! It was quite an Event, and I am glad we made the trek. I’m sure I will have more to say about it here soon.

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  1. Ha! We’re communicating thru blog comments. How funny.

    The wireless access is still sporadic for me… but enough so that I’ve been able to post a few updates.

    Okay, Amber Rhea, over and out… back over to CSS Insider. 🙂

  2. Jason Jason

    Not related to your geek vacation but I was just looking at pitchfork and surfed my way over to the site ( of a band called Priestess. Based on the one song they had on that site, they are freakin’ great! Anyway, in checking the tour schedule, I found that you will get to enjoy them Friday night. So, I beg of you, give me a report and let me know what you think.

  3. Amber – sorry I didn’t get to meet you. It was my first web conference, and I was a little intimidated. I also don’t know what anyone looks like.

    Jason, I will definitely be filing a report after the show. Thanks for this tip. I looked at the calendar and thought, “Who the hell is Priestess?”. I considered skipping them, but now I won’t

  4. Will- I am hoping to be as cool as you someday and to meet Eric Meyer.

    Looking forward to hearing more about the Event!

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