Things I have recently quit

images1. LinkedIn. I deleted my profile and completely quit this most useless of social networks. In all the years I kept up my profile and made connections, I got absolutely nothing in return. Even when searching for a job, it was useless. In retrospect, it’s like the of the aughts.

2. Dropbox. First they looked at user files, then they hired Condoleezza (why does her name have two z’s) Rice as their “privacy advisor.” Besides, I wasn’t really using it anyway.

3. Facebook. Again. But then I had to rejoin. It’s a very necessary evil, unfortunately, being in a band and trying to connect to fans, venues, and clients.


Serious Vulnerability in WordPress Jetpack Plugin

Get your updates going as soon as possible, as this looks pretty serious!

This is a bad bug, and Jetpack is one of the most widely used plugins in the WordPress world. We have been working closely with the WordPress security team, which has pushed updates to every version of the plugin since 1.9 through core’s auto-update system. We have also coordinated with a number of hosts and network providers to install network-wide blocks to mitigate the impact of this vulnerability, but the only sure fix is updating the plugin.

So not only is that an issue, but if you haven’t done your part in protecting yourself from this week’s HeartBleed bug, which has scared the bejeezus out of the entire Internet, get yourself fixed up ASAP!

If you are lucky enough to have been using LastPass to manage your passwords, log in there and do a Security Check to find out which websites you frequent may be vulnerable to that bug. LastPass will also help you quickly change passwords as needed.

Good luck, citizens!



Don’t Fear The Bacon, Baby Stormtrooper

It’s been a while since I posted some of the random coolness I’ve found around the Internet, so I thought I’d give you dear reader(s) some things to look at. Maybe your life will be changed, and maybe it won’t. Either way, I thought these were interesting for various reasons, and maybe you will too.

I’m not sure how scientifically reliable this is, but if you are a bacon lover and you are looking for some justification to keep eating it without feeling guilty, you might find this article about the alleged myth that nitrates and nitrites are bad for you. I guess this means hotdogs are safe now too, which is great, because I happen to love eating animal lips.


This collection of Stormtroopers doing awesome things is quite amusing. I’ve been thinking about starting something similar involving the Stormtrooper helmet my brother gave me. Stay tuned.

There is nothing like arguing on the Internet, as it is the neverending pleasure that just keeps on giving. This Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments helps you learn some logical concepts and fallacies in a very approachable ways. Maybe it will help you kick your arguing up a notch.

This Digital Attack Map lets you see all the active Distributed Denial of Service (DDos) attacks going on around the world at any given time. In a very snappy way it shows you who is getting hit, who is attacking, and how big the attacks/hits are. Pretty interesting (hint: hover your mouse over the moving balls. Heh.)

This listing of Google Voice Actions is extremely useful. Did you know that you can instruct your phone or computer to “Listen to TV” and have it tell you what you are currently watching? OK, that may not be that useful but there are other commands that certainly are.

And lastly, I can’t help but bash Facebook a little. It has become so useless for companies, bands, small businesses, or anyone else trying to communicate to people with a Facebook Page. And it is only going to get worse. It’s time for you people to look at Google+ already.

Gigabit Internet Coming to Asheville Soon

This is what the Internet looks like as it travels through the tubes.

You read that right!  According to the WRAL “Techwire,” Raleigh and Asheville will soon be getting blazing fast gigabit Internet, well ahead of Google Fiber reaching our neck of the woods.

That’s about 1000 times faster than your average Charter or Comcast cable Internet service. You can download an entire HD movie in roughly 30 seconds. Believe it or not, this will bring us more in line with the rest of the planet, where speeds have far surpassed those in the US in recent years.

When Does it Happen?

“Asheville will receive service about the same time as Raleigh, according to RST Fiber co-founder and CEO Dan Limerick.”

According to the article, that will be within 60 days or so.

The part about a-la-carte TV service sounded appealing to me as well. Imagine only paying for the channels you want. I’ve been a proponent of this concept for years. It remains to be seen how this will actually work, but there is hope.

This is exciting news!