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Month: November 2004


Yay. I have found enough time to sit down and slap together a little photo gallery of our Thanksgiving 2004 Extravaganza. This year, my brother and his wife had baby Scarlet to bring along in addition to her maternal grandmother Wilma. They came all the way from Dallas and Oklahoma respectively, and it was great to have them.

We had a little bit of a nail biter, coming down to the wire with our kitchen/study/bath addition to the house. Things got completed just in the nick of time though, save for the glass stovetop that I cracked by mistake. We were still able to cook food, and it all came out great in the end. I’m still eating leftover stuffing.

More updates soon to follow. Trust me: they shall rock.

iPod Exposed

My RSIS teammate, Chris, recently dropped his iPod and ruined it. He took the opportunity to open it up and check out the inner workings. The technology was remarkably small, and adds an amount of awe to the engineering that goes into these things.

Here are a few shots of the inside of his 10GB iPod.

Inside the iPod 1

Inside the iPod 2

Inside the iPod 3

Not a great start

The University of Louisville Cardinals haven’t gotten off to a great start with the first two games this basketball season. They beat the first team they played by a not-so-emphatic 10 points (and it was a division II team), and they lost to Iowa tonight. They seem to have a problem with Iowa, as they lost to them last year at the same time.

The consoling factor is that after last year’s Iowa loss, they won 16 straight, propelling to #2 in the nation. Then injuries plagued them for a fizzled-out NCAA tournament appearance.

The season is young, and things will get better, I am sure.


Just a quick update about life around here lately. Our house addition is finally in the home stretch. We spent all weekend painting, finishing up the hardwood floors, installing the beadboard ceiling in the kitchen, and adding a little molding. We are hoping that this effort gives the contractors a jump on what remains: installing the cabinets and appliances, finishing the deck, and doing the trim. Oh, and the plumbers need to set the bathroom fixtures and sink, and the electricians need to finish the lights and switches.

Our hope is that the bulk of this will be done by the end of the week so that we can prepare a nice turkey dinner for the dozen or so family members descending upon us for Thanksgiving.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Pictures of the progress will be up soon.