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Month: July 2005

Good News from Microsoft

Ever since Microsoft announced it was releasing an Internet Explorer version 7, web designers and developers have been sitting on the edges of their collective chair, biting their nails, and crossing their toes in hopes that this time, Microsoft will get it right.

So far, it appears they are listening, and through the help of the Web Standards Project’s Microsoft Task Force, the IE development team has announced all of the things they will be fixing in IE7.

Tonight, I shall rest.


Poop is great. That’s what I have to keep telling my two-year old, who is potty training. I never imagined I would ever be so involved in someone’s bodily functions so intimately. It’s kinda strange how you don’t really find it that gross when it your kid’s poop.

He has not been wearing a diaper during the waking hours for well over a week now. The accidents have stopped over the last few days, partly because we ask him if he needs to tinkle every 10 minutes, and partly because he has started telling us when he needs to. Hopefully the former will be replaced by the latter more and more.

The only remaining challenge is the pooping, which he is still scared to do out of his diaper. I don’t blame him. We have read him Everyone Poops countless times, and he likes it, but we haven’t passed over that hump yet, and he hasn’t passed that hump in the potty yet, if you know what I mean.

We aren’t in too much of a hurry. The goal is to have him off diapers by the time the next baby comes in November, but if he isn’t quite ready, it’s OK.

So how’s that for a blog post? Eh?

Google Moon

As if by magic, Google rolled out something I was thinking would be cool, but never thought would really happen, and that is Google Moon. You can now peruse the moon’s landscape, check out the terrain, and see where past missions have landed. To prove Google isn’t too big to have a sense of humor, you can zoom all the way in and see that the moon is really made of cheese.

And if you haven’t yet, check out Google Earth, one of the coolest applications to come out in a long time. And it’s free.


Much to my own suprise, I have been getting into the game of golf. Had you asked me a year ago, I would never have given the game any thought. However, I have been way into it the last couple of months, and I am getting better.

The first couple of times I played, I was terrible, not knowing how to stand or swing or anything. I was lucky to even hit the ball at all. But last weekend a buddy from work took me to the driving range and showed me some fundamentals. All this week I practiced swinging in the back yard, getting the feel for the clubs and learning to shift my weight correctly.

Today we went out and played, and I had a chance to show off my new skills. I shot a 64. Ok, so we only played 9 holes, but I didn’t do worse than a 7 on any hole except one. Yes, that is quite terrible for those of you who are not golfers (as if you read this far anyway), however, it was by far my best game (and only the third I have played). I am definitely getting the feel for it, and look forward to many days this summer out on the greens.