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Month: July 2006


If I haven’t responded to an email or a phone call you have left me, it’s because I have been working around the clock trying to meet a deadline. I’ll respond soon…

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.


The Coming of IE7

It was announced yesterday that Internet Explorer 7 will be coming in the fourth quarter of this year, and will be pushed out as a critical update for Windows XP users. This is pretty good news, as it means that the bulk of Internet Explorer users will be upgraded to the much-improved browser automatically, and IE6 marketshare will quickly drop.

The main reason this is a good thing is that IE7 fixes a whole lot of CSS bugs, and when creating web sites, one will no longer have to worry so much about catering to these bugs and providing workarounds. This is because IE7 closely follows web standards, and attempts to be a legitimate player in the web browser market in this regard. At the same time, it’s going to break a lot of web sites that unaware developers created which rely on proprietary IE6 ‘features’.

It will be interesting to watch this all unfold.


Yesterday was an exciting day. One of my project sites, The Best of Youtube, got Farked by the popular news site Someone posted a link to my recent Star Wars on a Banjo video.

By the end of the day, I received over 32,000 visits to my site, which witheld the onslaught of traffic with grace (thank you, Dreamhost).

For a while, I was featured at Youtube on the “Most Viewed Today” page, rising to the 35th spot, and my video received an “honor” for this status. Strangely, my video suddenly vanished from this listing though, and the “honor” vanished, which I have yet to figure out.

The second comment on the posting at was from none other than Drew Curtis, the creator and owner of

“This video pretty much sums up the entire Internet”

The rest of the feedback I received, through comments on,, and, were mostly positive and funny. A few people didn’t seem to be able to hear the melody in the banjo picking, which is difficult sometimes for an untrained bluegrass ear.

I’ll be eagerly watching this over the next few days to see how much traffic I continue to get.

Yea Bob

So I have neglected this site lately, mainly because I have been putting all of my attention into work. When I do have free time to mess around, I have been updating, which is starting to really take off. One of my other project sites,, got its first review published by someone other than myself today, which is exciting. I am still seeking help in writing/submitting to these sites if anyone is interested.

In other news, I have added a new gallery to the photo gallery part of this site, with pictures from June and July 2006. Check it out.

My New Music Site

Ladies and Germs, introducing

I finally took what used to be and created a separate site just for it. Now that it has its own space to live, I will hopefully be able to generate more traffic for it, and I will be able to keep it better organized. Since it is running atop WordPress, it will be a lot easier to update as well.

I figured that with the generic Chatham Music name, the new site could server for any of the Chathams who decide to record music in the future. For now though, you will find the usual Crain, Cerebellum, Undermine, Second String, The Modlins, The Merle, and music history stuff that has been there for a while. Hopefully I will have more to add soon.