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Yesterday was an exciting day. One of my project sites, The Best of Youtube, got Farked by the popular news site Someone posted a link to my recent Star Wars on a Banjo video.

By the end of the day, I received over 32,000 visits to my site, which witheld the onslaught of traffic with grace (thank you, Dreamhost).

For a while, I was featured at Youtube on the “Most Viewed Today” page, rising to the 35th spot, and my video received an “honor” for this status. Strangely, my video suddenly vanished from this listing though, and the “honor” vanished, which I have yet to figure out.

The second comment on the posting at was from none other than Drew Curtis, the creator and owner of

“This video pretty much sums up the entire Internet”

The rest of the feedback I received, through comments on,, and, were mostly positive and funny. A few people didn’t seem to be able to hear the melody in the banjo picking, which is difficult sometimes for an untrained bluegrass ear.

I’ll be eagerly watching this over the next few days to see how much traffic I continue to get.

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  1. chris chris

    “This video pretty much sums up the entire Internet”
    What do you recon that guy meant? Perhaps he meant “This video pretty much sums up the shared global computing network. A network based on standards including Internet Protocol (IP), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and the Domain Name System (DNS), which enables global communications between all connected computing devices. It provides the platform for web services and the WorldWide Web”. Or perhaps he meant, “This video pretty much sums up the entire internet, click here for a disappointing tease?”

  2. Smytty Smytty

    i think that if you are familiar with fark, drew was probably commenting on the strange convergence of obscure talent and odd material that people find compelling on the internet.

    compelling to the tune to 35,000 hits, or whatever.

    point being, before the internet, there was no similar venue.

  3. Hey man. I saw your video on youtube and loved it so much I linked it from my own blog here: I loved it and thanks for the fun. Looks like I was a bit off on my assessment of you, but rest assured you would have fit in perfectly with the guys I ran with grad school.

  4. Hey Butch, thanks for stopping by. Glad you liked the video – it’s been more popular than I would have ever guessed. And I agree with your assesment of Darth Maul prevailing.

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