That was extremely frustrating. I was pulling my hair out for 2.5 hours, watching the little box with the score of the games not being shown. CBS chose not to show the Louisville game here, favoring Puke instead (of course). They cut over to it with 13.9 seconds left, which was long enough for me to watch Francisco Garcia and Taquan Dean make free throws to clinch the win.

At least it was a win. An ugly win, but that doesn’t matter now. They are in round two, which is good news.

Oh, and Clarke Kellog, eat dirt!

Go Cards!

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  1. Colin Bennett

    Hey, you didn’t get to watch the game, but we here in Louisville had our own frustrations, having viewing difficulties as well. Ridiculous. It’s bad enough that CBS pulls this monopolistic crap with their exclusive rights over the tourney, but then you don’t even get to fully watch the game your own home team is playing. There were commercials at least every two minutes, it seemed. They repeatedly cut away to the other games, even down that crucial stretch. It wasn’t on either of the extended HD cable channels, either.

    And I wouldn’t doubt that the abundance of commercial time-outs broke up Louisville’s rhythm, explaining some of the chill from the floor.

    Anyhow, second round coming up. C-A-R-D-S CARDS!

    P.S. Looking forward to the Speed re-release!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I just got a hold of a live Crain radio performance from 92 that I’ll be posting on soon.

    GO CARDS!!!

  3. frank-n-beans

    Awww Geez Wilbur, ya got me watching this crap now! dangit!!

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