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Month: March 2005

Work, Music, News

Thanks to Pete emailing me recently, I learned that the Second String Bluegrass Band songs that I had linked to on were not actually there. I am currently uploading them all to my server, and they should be there within the hour.

On another musical note (get it? GET IT??? 😐 ), I am keeping my eye on iTunes for the day Speed appears. Not that it’s that big a deal really, but I’m excited about it. The re-release comes out April 5th. Don’t forget!

On a work related tip, I finally have something to show from my day job. It’s not much, but it gives you a glimpse into what sorts of crazy things I’m doing for the DoD.

At work this week I have been setting up a new installation of Red Hat Fedora Core 3 on a Dell 1750 for the Intranet site we are re-developing. This has proven to be a lot of fun. I have been more impressed with each new version of Fedora, and this one is working out well. Of particular interest is SELinux, which installs as an option with Fedora.

I have also been doing a lot of side work through home-based Asheville Technologies, setting up a site for a local realtor, getting ready to start one for a guitar player, and doing other odds and ends for other clients. I’ll show some stuff soon.

And soon there will be some important/exciting news I will be reporting on here, so keep your eyeballs peeled and your earballs waxed.



What an insane game. West Virginia made so many three-pointers it seemed impossible. Geez, Louise.

Now Louisville faces Illinois, which I think will be the end of the season. I’m just glad they made it this far. Whew!

ELITE 8!!!!

I wonder if the NCAA selection committee still thinks UofL should have been a #4 seed.

93 – 79 over the number one seeded Washington Huskies!

I actually got to see about 1/3 of this game! Why on Earth CBS felt we should be watching the Illinois game is beyond me. At least it wasn’t a Duke game this time, even though Jay Bilas was announcing.

Oh yeah, New Pics from my handy-dandy cellular telephone camera have been posted 🙂

Sweet 16!

I would never have predicted this outcome, a 76-54 thrashing of Georgia Tech. I had actually prepared myself to see the end of the season today, for I thought a healthy GT was certainly a better team than Louisville. But 76-54!

It was bittersweet though. The only part of the game they showed here was the last minute of the first half. I faithfully sat and watched the little sidescore box on CBS during the Puke game again, getting up to check the computer every commercial. HOW ANNOYING!!!

Hopefully, with only 16 teams left, there will be no need to have two games going on at once, and I will be able to see Louisville take on Washington.

Go Cards!

More Crain Stuff

Thanks to the venerable Bob Weston, I now have a copy of Crain playing live WMBR radio in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This was recorded by Bob at the radio station after we were done playing at Hampshire College (if my memory serves me correctly), which put it at about 3am. The date was some time in April, 1992, on the Speed LP tour de mayhem.

I also recently learned that the re-issue of Speed will be available on the iTunes Music Store whenever they get around to adding it.