Sweet 16!

I would never have predicted this outcome, a 76-54 thrashing of Georgia Tech. I had actually prepared myself to see the end of the season today, for I thought a healthy GT was certainly a better team than Louisville. But 76-54!

It was bittersweet though. The only part of the game they showed here was the last minute of the first half. I faithfully sat and watched the little sidescore box on CBS during the Puke game again, getting up to check the computer every commercial. HOW ANNOYING!!!

Hopefully, with only 16 teams left, there will be no need to have two games going on at once, and I will be able to see Louisville take on Washington.

Go Cards!

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  1. Out here I only got 5 minutes in the first half and the last 5 minutes of the game for Duke. Alas. Will, that’s the price you pay for rooting for a team involved in a blowout.

    I still have 11 of 16 teams alive and 7 of 8 potential elite eight teams. Go Cards, Devils, Illinois, and… er… Kansas? I mean, NC State!

  2. Dude, people here in Washington pretty much think that since they won last weekend, they are dialed in to the Final Four. I predict Louisville by at least 16.

  3. I hope you are right. I have a bad feeling about this. Louisville has had a hard time with teams who play fast this year.

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