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Common Business Internet Woes – Tackled

It’s difficult to imagine any business these days running without the use of the Internet. Even businesses you can think of that don’t really seem to have an online presence probably use the Internet for research and buying supplies.

So it seems that businesses should have gotten used to the idea that they need to make sure their Internet problems are minimized. Unfortunately, as many of you have probably experienced for yourself, your average place of business still has a plethora of Internet issues!

If you run a businesses, then it’s vital that you take care of any of these common and infuriating Internet problems. They ruin productivity and employee satisfaction, so take the time to find solutions!


The first problem business owners usually think of distracted employees – and there’s no doubt that it’s a problem! Inappropriate web surfing is rife in the modern office for several reasons. Not only is an ethically-questionable use of company time, but it also presents usability problems. If people are watching YouTube videos instead of working, than not only are they, y’know, not working, but they’re also being bandwidth hogs, potentially slowing down the Internet speed for everyone else! Speaking of which…


The most notorious problem of all. Slow office Internet absolutely destroys your productivity potential. And, as anyone who has ever had to deal with slow Internet knows all too well, it’s also incredibly frustrating, making your employees feel more stressed. Making sure bandwidth is being responsibly is one thing, but you may need to look at working with a more reliable ISP if the problem persists. The problem may also be partly an issue of physics. After all, users who are farther away from the Wi-Fi source may find they have to fight against slower Internet than everyone else. If might be worth looking into the best WiFi range extender you can get. This helps you get the full WiFi blast across your office, instead of allowing that power to peter out for people who don’t happen to have their desk next to the router.

Filters and restrictions

One of the ways you can prevent distractions at work is by using web filters and restrictions to prevent employees going on websites that you don’t want them visiting. The problem here is that it prevents you from accessing a lot of useful websites. After all, social media is often required for marketing, customer service, or research purposes. Then you need to consider breaks – why block employees from accessing those websites then? It may actually create more problems than it solves. It also screams “WE DON’T TRUST YOU” to the employees, which hardly helps with morale.

Security problems

Malicious content like viruses, trojans, and worms. Unauthorized access from persons internal and external. A lack of encryption making it easy for outside parties to gain access to information. These are all problems you need to tackle because they’re all problems of which you’re at risk, regardless of how small your business is. Make sure you invest in tight web security measures, and ensure you have strong and clear Internet security policies for your employees to follow.

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