The Stick

The “stick” is a kind of weird chain letter whereby some other blogger passes this list of questions on to you to answer.

I got The Stick from Thommy Browne. Here goes:

You’re stuck inside Fahrenheit 451, which book do you want to be?
I want to be “The Cruel Shoes” by Steve Martin.

Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character?
If a fictional character counts as one in a movie, then yes, Padme Amidala would be the one.

Last book you bought is:
I bought “TCP/IP Primer Plus” by Heather Osterloh in the bargain bin at Books-A-Million.

Last book you read is:
I re-read “The Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy” in preparation for the movie coming out. I never saw the movie because I didn’t want to be let down.

What are you currently reading?
All I have time to read these days are magazines. I get several free subscriptions to trade publications such as Federal Computer Week and Goverment Computing News that I read in the bathroom.

5 books I would take to a deserted island
Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy, the prequal to that, and the one right after it.

Now I pass The Stick to Jacksonian.

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Will Chatham is the Security Assessment Engineer for Arbor Networks. Since Netscape 2.0, he has worked in a wide array of environments including non-profit, corporate, small business, and government. He started as a web developer, moved into Linux system administration, and ultimately found his place as a security professional. Having most recently conquered the OSCP certification, Will continues to hack his way into various things in an effort to make them more secure.
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  1. frank-n-beans

    Dude don’t be bogart’n the ‘office’ reading material at work!

  2. I take the stick… watch this space for details…

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