I found a lot of good stuff around the Internet today.

My daily check of molly.com revealed CSS guru Eric Meyer is near completion of a cool slideshow tool called S5. I had just started piecing together a Powerpoint presentation at work, and now I think I will ditch it for Eric’s semantic, valid method. It will make me the envy no one at work, but at least I will feel cool on the inside.

Along the same lines, I stumbled upon a nifty tool called Web Album Generator which makes quick work of cranking out standards-compliant photo galleries. I would like to have seen it abandon tables completely, but it’s not a bad tool for a quick and easy gallery for those times your parents in Kentucky are dying to see the latest picture of your kid 😉

Speaking of Kentucky, I was recently solicited by one Thommy Browne to help fill in some history at the new LouisvilleHardcore.com wiki. Having a memory like an elephant, I hope to find time to write down everything I can.

The only news to report from here is that we had a great 4 day weekend at the beach. Gray was thrilled beyond belief at the marvels of sand, surf, and seagulls. Pictures coming soon.

Here are some nifty links I have come across the last few weeks.

IP Chicken is a quick and easy way to tell you what IP address you are broadcasting. It’s similar to WhatsMyIP.net, but it has a chicken, which makes it easier to remember, mnemonicly speaking.

A short list of email addresses it would be annoying to give out over the phone. (link via waxy.org).

All about the Order of the Skull and Bones, the secret society both John Kerry and George W. Bush are members of.

Ever since Whois.sc started charging for reverse IP lookups, I have longed for a free service that would allow me to see all the domains a server hosts. I found one at Webhosting.info. If anyone knows of a script that I can use to provide this on my own pages, please let me know.

Don’t like the latest version of your favorite program because they added too many features? Does the new version not work on your system for some reason? Check out OldVersion.com. They keep a library of older versions of popular programs you can download.

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