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5 Tips for Optimizing Your Business Technology Without Spending a Fortune

With new technology coming out what feels like every day, it can be tempting to feel like you have to budget for the latest and greatest to keep your business relevant. Before you pull out that company card, make sure you’ve done everything you can to optimize the technology you already have. Consider these five places to start:

Assess your current systems

Just because you heard about some amazing new piece of technology at a networking event for business owners, you don’t have to run out and buy it right away to keep your competitive edge. There is no one-size-fits-all IT solution for every company, and to find out where you can improve, you need to conduct a thorough assessment of your current systems and IT infrastructure. 

Once you’ve identified bottlenecks and pinpointed areas where there is considerable room for growth, you can start looking into solutions, programs, and technology that can help boost your growth to where you want it to be. 

Optimize what you already have

Because technology changes so quickly, even companies that are only a few years old may find themselves with many more additions to their IT setup than they ever envisioned. As you add more components, some may become redundant, while others may still have potential but are metaphorically just collecting dust. 

Where cloud infrastructure is concerned, make sure you’re not running it 24/7. If you’re only really using it during a certain time period, only run it when it’s needed. 


Whether your business is big or small, if you haven’t looked into automation, you’re making a big mistake. Any kind of repetitive task can be automated, whether it’s marketing, leads, sales, or even customer service. 

Automation also allows you to see all processes on a single dashboard, giving you control over each component and allowing you to see work in real-time. In addition to speeding up these processes and eliminating the chance for human error, automation frees up time for you to spend more resources on the problems that can’t be solved by a computer. 

Use PAX integration

Instead of throwing out technology that works just fine to get the latest POS system, consider spending that money on a software development kit for PAX integration. Whether you work in the restaurant industry or retail, PAX perfectly complements POS software. 

All you need is a POS app on your device and you’ll be able to customize your payment options for your clients however you’d like. Plus, if your needs change down the line, you can easily alter your software. 

Start making e-commerce sales

If you don’t have an e-commerce site for your business yet, this is undoubtedly where you need to spend your money. Of the plethora of reasons why a high quality website is important, a seamless online experience for both loyal and potential customers is essential to making e-commerce sales. 

Whether your website just needs to be spruced up or it needs a full overhaul, it may be worth hiring a web design and SEO company to get the job done right. A website that attracts new customers and is easy to navigate will boost your sales big time.

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