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Covid Digital Signage: 5 Things You Should Know About Digital Advertising

The world of advertising has evolved so fast that we now have adapted to the digital idea. Where else could you place your Ads when you want to inform or influence people on a particular idea? Yes, you want to take your Ads digitally where more and more people are typically present. You probably don’t want to advertise something in the middle of the desert, right? You would always choose to get the best avenue to advertise either a product, service or just to spread awareness. It is also important to incorporate the latest trend when you advertise so that the advertisement is timely and trendy, just like that Covid digital signage you see wherever you go.

The idea of advertising is to communicate to the public whether you want to influence them to buy your product or just to inform them of a particular awareness that still, can benefit you or an organization you are involved in. The Advertising Industry is fueling up the economy of almost every industry you can think of. Generally speaking, Advertising is a powerful tool that has been a huge impact to the society, obviously, influencing the public’s mindset for so many years now. 

It’s really is no secret that the world has come to the digital age, television started it a couple of years back, digital billboards a few years back, and now, online digital advertising. Digital advertising itself changes at an absolutely crazy fast pace; what works today may not work tomorrow or what worked last week may not work today and so on and so forth. It is pretty basic to know your own tactics and strategies from analyzing the figures and data to know what works and what doesn’t. After all, you would always want to stay ahead of the curve and always getting the best result possible. This is why, it is very important to know some key points to understand about Digital Advertising to stay on top of your game.

5 Things You Should Know About Digital Advertising

  • Fundamentals of Advertising – there can be a quite number of fundamental things to consider when advertising like positioning, differentiation, branding and all, but what is important to understand most is the thing that don’t change much; consumer behavior for instance, which is what really marketing is, understanding, leveraging different aspects of human behavior and how you can influence and gear their thoughts towards the idea you want to convey. For example, consumers make buying decisions emotionally, not just logically or rational. So, when you want to advertise something, make sure you always consider the emotional element of the ads before incorporating logical or rational elements to it. The beauty of understanding this one simple concept is that it will never change over the next coming years and you can always apply to your digital advertising moving forward.
  • Focus on Conversation Generation – viewers can get into your advertising via direct responses or straight up responses making them take action right away and there are also conversation generated responses, however, there has been a huge transition to conversation generated viewers lately that provides more appealing responses to advertising. At the end of the day, you can generate all the views that you want for your advertising but what you really want are those conversations that are going to lead to bigger and more opportunities for your advertisement to spread to many audiences.
  • Full Funnel Advertising – it is imperative to be more aware or cognizant to the entire viewer’s journey from preview to post view of your digital advertising. The very top of the funnel is gathering all those viewers from different angles, including those people who really don’t have any idea about what you advertise and those who probably known it. This is the element that creates traffic to your advertising until you funnel those really potential people that showed interest after viewing your digital advertising.
  • Video Ads – when it comes to advertising, and when you really want to build that trust factor, nothing really beats face-to-face communication, ability to sit down and look someone in the eye, have a conversation, understand where they are coming from, and how or if you can even be able to provide solution. But obviously, getting face-to-face to every single one of your prospects might be hard or may be impossible. Which is why video ads steps in and is really is the next best thing. It doesn’t only allow your viewers to hear you but also see the gestures that can help them understand well enough with the message you want to portrait in the video. In addition, it can build tons of trust very quickly as the viewers can really relate to the body language or the gestures on the video. Plus, you are able to put in a ton of value and a ton of information very quickly when you use video ads.
  •  Automation – there can be so much to do and so little time when you advertise, and this where automation steps in. Essentially, automation is the off loading or delegation or basically using tools such as technology or software to take care of a lot of repetitive tasks that you don’t need to be doing or probably you shouldn’t be doing in your business but still needs to get done. Let say for example sending emails, you’d probably spend a day sending your composed email advertising to potential clients, but with automation, you can spend your day doing other tasks while your tool is doing the job for you.

Let’s face it, the digital world is taking over and almost everything that world innovates revolves around digital space. Gone are the days where you have to scatter your brochures or flyers, it is the era of having almost anything digitalized and online. If before, advertisers have to be somewhere crowded, now the crowd usually go somewhere a lot of ads are displayed.

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