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Crafting Emails that Actually Sell

Although internet marketing experts have been saying that social media will kill email marketing for years, it still hasn’t happened, and in fact, the statistics show that email marketing is up to 40 times more effective at bringing in new customers than Twitter and Facebook put together! So, if you’re looking to market your products and services, you do still need to be using email.

Of course, just sending out any old email and expecting the customers to come flooding in is unrealistic. You need to carefully craft your emails so that they suck people in and make them unable to resist. Here are some tips to help you with that:

Use a Template

First of all, if you want to save time and ensure that your emails not only look good but also reassure the customer, you should use a template that means all the emails you send have a distinct look. You may also want to use the email signature manager at to ensure that an up-to-date branded signature is included in every email sent out by your company. These are simple ideas that can immediately put the recipient at ease.

Craft an Eye-Catching Subject Line

So many marketing emails never get opened – they are immediately deleted upon first sight. So, you really do have to work to create eye-catching subject lines that demand to be opened. Some techniques that can work include asking a question, including an interesting spelling mistake, addressing the recipient by name (there’s software to make this easy) and, of course, mentioning a promotion or sale, and you can find more advice on the subject at . However, you will need to experiment a little to see what appeals to your target audience the most.

Don’t Make it About You

In the opening lines of your email at least, and in as much of the main body as possible, you should not make your copy about you. Put the focus on the recipient by starting off with a phrase like “I see you like..” or “I enjoyed the piece you wrote on…” because they are much more likely to keep reading if you don’t start pushing your agenda early on and you show some sort of connection with them.

Ask Questions

In the main body of your email, you should aim to ask questions such as “Are you looking to improve your writing?” or “What is the one thing you would change about (your product?” to get them more engaged and thinking about what they want and what your products or services offer. Studies show that you can convert four times as many people by asking more questions in your sales email, the key is to find the right questions for your audience!

Include a Call to Action

In closing your email, you should always include a quick call to action which should be no more than a line or two long. It should make the reader feel like they need whatever it is you’re selling without being pushy. Something like “ Can you afford to miss out on this amazing deal? If not, get in touch to discuss it further.” will do, but the more creative you can get the better.

Use these tips to craft better emails, and you’ll soon be selling way more stuff!

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