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Helping A New Employee To Settle From Overseas

Starting a new job is daunting enough, but imagine doing it another country? For a new employee who’s moved from overseas, it can be a difficult adjustment in many ways. Offering support to get them settled in will help them feel like part of the team, while also helping them to feel at home in their new country. Read below for some great ways to help a new employee settle in from overseas.

Give them information in advance

People like to be prepared before starting a new job, so any information you can give them in advance about the company and what a typical working day is like will be useful. For an employee joining your company from another country, they might need even more information that will benefit them when they arrive. Provide them with a welcome pack that includes details of your location, commuting, etc. that will make it easier for them to prepare for their new start.

Set them up with a work ‘buddy’

Giving someone a ‘buddy’ is a great way to help them get settled into the workplace. Choose a member of the team who’s been around for a while and is friendly and informative, who can help answer any questions that new recruits have. Having someone they can go for coffee or lunch with, who will introduce them to other members of the team will make them feel more at ease than being introduced to a lot of different people at once. There are plenty of known advantages to the buddy system and is something that is used in many workplaces all over the world.

Provide for an adjustment period

When a new employee joins a team, they will usually require some time to settle into the culture of the office and how it all works. For employees who are not only moving jobs but moving location – there will be even more for them to adjust to. Finding somewhere to live, dealing with finances and getting to know the local area will take some time, so whatever support you can offer will be much appreciated. Some people will be moving their families with them, and you might need to consult a family and immigration lawyer to deal with visa issues that might happen. Some flexibility on your part will help them take care of these issues so that they can begin working properly once they’ve got everything else in order.

Hire A Global Mobility Expert

If you’re an international company sending your talent around the globe, then you already know that moving your employees around to new countries and helping them settle isn’t quite as easy as it sounds. It can be stressful for the employee – and a lot of admin for your business.

That’s why I’d recommend using Global Mobility strategies to support your employees and improve their performance oversee. Having a global mobility plan will save you, and your employees, a lot of time!

Arrange social events

Social events are a great way to bring colleagues together and create a friendly office environment. No matter what industry you work in, it’s good for colleagues to get together and blow off some steam and is a nice way to introduce a new recruit to the team in a more informal way. Try organizing a welcome lunch, dinner or after-work drinks that will give them a fantastic introduction to the company and perhaps help them make friends too.

Giving new recruits a proper introduction to your team is a big step towards creating a happy and contented workforce from the outset. Offer a warm welcome and plenty of support to new employees and look forward to what will hopefully be a lasting, positive partnership.

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