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How to Find a Reputable SEO Reseller Program

Imagine offering excellent services to your client, but after white labeling SEO services, you get complaints about low-quality links. You risk losing the client and getting a bad review for your company. What you need is an SEO reseller program that meets its end of the bargain as you search for clients and meet their expectations. Therefore, you need to pay attention when looking for a reputable program by considering the following factors.

Years Of Experience

Working with an amateur may pose risks as something may go wrong, for they do not have the experience. When choosing an SEO reseller, go for one that has been offering its services for a considerable number of years. They comprehend the algorithms of search engines well and are aware of SEO’s ever-changing strategies and tactics.

A platform such as TRW has been offering its SEO reseller services to websites from 2014, and there is no report of penalties. The experts running the reseller plan will advise you on the safest method of link building and any need for change. At least 5-year experience in the industry is long enough to help you evaluate a reseller program.

Your Niche

Apart from experience, you need to find out if an SEO reseller has expertise in the same industry. It would be hard trying to implement SEO services of a different niche to yours. Some programs specialize in several niches, but that does not mean yours is one of them.

Cost Of Service

As much as you want to make profits and would not mind going for a lower price, be vigilant. Some rogue SEO resellers out to scam clients may offer a relatively low cost to lure unsuspecting businesses. The underside of this is that you will have to cross-check every link, which will waste much time.

Before committing to a contract with any service provider, look at the payment structure. You do not want to enter into an agreement that is unclear on the terms of payment. Look for features such as subscription plans, bundle offers, and if you will have to pay for services as a whole or separately.


The responses you get and how fast they come says a lot about a reseller’s customer support desk. If it takes them ages to get back to you, ask yourself – what would happen if you had an emergency? A reputable service provider will ensure they answer their clients and potential ones promptly and courteously.

See How A Service Works First

One foolproof way of finding out if an SEO reseller program is worth it is by trying it out first. You can buy a few links and test them on a website that will not get affected by poor links. It can take a couple of weeks before you know how the links perform, but it is worth the risk.

It helps to avoid adverse effects on your profitable website. You also get to save your relationship with your clients, for they will not find out if anything went wrong. If it works well, you can go ahead and buy your plan, and if it does not, continue searching until you get the right one.

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