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The Technology And Business Security Handbook

You need to protect your business. In this day and age the threats are multiple and can come at any time through a consortium of mediums. With the growth of technology security has evolved, but so too has the means and weapons of those willing to do you harm. You need to be ready to protect your business. Otherwise the operational capacity of your business can be called into question, you’ll lose sales, customers, and stop making a money which in its essence a business needs to do to be called a business, or at least a business that is viable. You, and indeed your employees need to be on the lookout for potential threats. The type of your business dictates the kind of security you need. Whether physical, virtual or indeed both. Security has always been an aspect to business usage. Even those in the ancient times used walls and guards, lock and key to keep their stocks secure. This article can help you see what different security is out there and how you can use it to further secure your business. The list is in no specific order, and gives various security solutions that you can employ in your businesses defence. You may already be using some of them, though some you may not have even thought about. You can really get that peace of mind by knowing your livelihood is secure. These can help you to that end.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has surged forward in recent years. First a laughable and underpowered invention, now a behemoth that can bring your business into the modern age and catapult it into the future with efficiency. Many businesses have switched to cloud providers, such as the one at They use these instead of the same usual tried and tested server systems. Their benefits are huge, but in relation to security they can help your business stay safe. For a start, they can stop the dreaded ddos, or distributed denial of service attacks that are knocking so many businesses offline these days. It means you can continue operating in the face of these attacks which is key to all businesses. It also secures you against some of the nastier viruses and malware. Cloud computing security does not stop there either. It can secure you against employee mistakes, such as someone going on an unprotected site and causing a virus to invest your server systems. Because the server is remote this is mitigated. Cloud security also protects your business from the elements. Your server tower could get destroyed in a storm and cast onto the ground, but if it is stored online, that issue is mitigated. The same can be said of employee mistakes, flooding and fire. For a great leap in computer security you may want to consider the cloud.

There are certain drawbacks. You have to pay a monthly subscription and although it is far more secure, your business details can be viewed by those working for the provider, so make sure you choose a company offering the highest amounts of discretion. On the whole, the technology that is cloud computing can increase your cyber security and ensure your business stays future forward. It is one of the newer premium ways to circumvent security issues.

Always Use Alarms

No matter what kind of premises you own, you need alarms. The technology of alarms have increased rapidly over the last decade or so. They are important in all senses. If you operate out of an office, your equipment could be at risk (though if you use the cloud your data won’t be lost), if you own a restaurant, you could lose some of your cooking equipment. A shop or store of any kind is always at risk too. Alarms can help you mitigate these threats. The issue with alarms is that even the best won’t completely deter the most determined of thieves, yet they are a great tool for putting off chancers and people similar. Especially if you get one of the newest ones that link up to control rooms and call the police or private security from the alarm firm itself. There are a glut to choose from, and it depends what kind of business you have which dictates the type of alarm. If you store high value items on your business location with cash, then you want the best. If not, then you can consider one of the cheaper options. There are many great alarm reviews out there, but you need to always remember to try and put your business with the alarm. Don’t just read the review and accept it, imagine how it would tie in with your business. For example, if you owned a taxi firm and stored the cars outside an alarm would not be much good. Some alarms are just hooked up to doors, others use motion detector beams to pick up on movement in your premises. Again, work out what is right for you and use it. You should always use an alarm system, even if it is just the cheapest you can find. You may not think anything can happen to you, but it can, and you need to do all you can to deter the thieves that may target you.


Again, the technology for cctv has surged forward in recent years, especially with the advent of smartphone technology. It is a god send for those who can’t rest easy without knowing their business is safe and secure. You can get some which are motion activated, saving you on electricity bills. They can also send the motion activated footage directly to your smartphone, meaning you can see in real time what is going on and react thusly. When people can see cctv it acts as a deterrent. Thieves don’t want to be seen doing what they do. But they have their answer to cctv, so it is important to buy some of the newer systems that can still get the better of the thieves, such as concealed cameras. They are useful because the footage can be used to capture the thieves and maybe even get back what was stolen. This type of security can help any kind of business if employed in the right way.

Fog Systems

These are systems that when a break in or thievery is detected, deploy a thick screen of fog. It is an offensive way of securing your business and is often best employed in areas where items are of a high value. The intruders will not be able to see anything and be immediately frightened by what has occurred. The technology is amazing and can really see you save your business. The majority will turn and run, and even those who decide to stay will be hampered by next to no visibility. You need to be careful however, as the fog could damage certain products, so make sure they are compatible before employing them throughout your business. Make sure the release is out of reach for employees too, the last thing you want is you or an employee setting it off by mistake.

Electric Fence

A great deterrent for business owners who want to keep their items secure, but need to store them inside. The technology is dangerous, and needs to be properly maintained. Check up on rules and regulations in your local area before installing it too otherwise you could end up in trouble. The tried and tested perimeter fence can be climbed with ease these days, even when it is lined with barbed wire. As such, this injection of technology allows you to keep the thieves at arm’s length with ease. Trying to get into your business will result in a nasty, though non-lethal shock that will make them think twice about coming into your business with nefarious intentions in the future. The only issue arises when you look at your business location. If it is close to a school then you shouldn’t be using an electric fence, or maybe having it switched on only during the night to avoid accidents.

Fingerprint ID

The technology seemed to fade away for a while, but is now back and more reliable than ever before. If you use this on your locks and entry systems then there is less chance any would be thieves of vandals can get in. There will be no lock to pick or break, so they will be forced to bring the door down, something that is far harder to do. Fingerprint identification is a great way for stopping thieves but also a way to restrict certain areas of your business. You can have only your print let you into your office for example. It is a brilliant way of stopping people accessing areas you don’t want them too. Keys can be misplaced, stolen or new ones cut. Fingerprint ID circumvents these issues and gives you the security and peace of mind needed. You can find some of the best door locks here. Evaluate them and choose which you think is the best for your business. Some come with dual locking control, meaning you need the key and a fingerprint for double protection.

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