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What You Need To Know About Online Privacy

Internet privacy can be very confusing. While you want to share your social media posts with your family and friends, how do you know that your private information will not fall in the hands of the wrong person when you are trying to send it to a retailer? 

Your concerns are justified because plenty of people’s private information falls in the wrong hands. In America, almost half of all internet users do not know how to keep their email information safe. 75% of people who send or receive emails feel that their personal information may be accessible to other people. Approximately six percent of all internet users have had their reputation injured because of the internet and 86% of internet users in America have attempted to get rid of their internet footprint. Fortunately, it is still possible to keep your personal information safe. Keep reading to find out how.

The Internet Is Forever

When using the internet, the most important thing to remember is that anything you post is likely to be there forever. You can delete it but it is still accessible. You should, therefore, refrain from posting anything that could be embarrassing or dangerous. Do not post your personal information since you do not know who could access them.

Secure Your Social Media Sites

If you need to use social media sites, ensure that your personal settings are secure. If, for example, you post directions or any personal information on your social media platforms, you should make sure that they are hidden. You may think that you have nothing important to hide but that is not always the case. Malicious people may use your personal information to stalk or blackmail you.

Remember to Disable and Delete Cookies

While using the internet, you may have noticed that as you browse from one site to another, you keep getting the same ads. It is because marketers monitor your activities online using the sites that you visit. They come up with your profile based on your online activities. If you don’t want them to keep monitoring your activities, you should delete and disable cookies as often as you can.

Consider Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

A VPN creates an encrypted connection from your device to a private network. Your original IP remains hidden to hackers with a VPN and other cybercriminals cannot access it. It allows you to browse the internet as you please without the fear of being monitored. Your private information remains safe. Using a VPN does not only keep your private information safe but also allows you to access or share files remotely.

Beware of Social Engineering

If you are online all the time, you are likely to be a victim of social engineering. Identity theft is a real threat and it affects millions of people every year. Criminals can hack your account or trick you into divulging your personal information. They may use spyware or malware to get to you. Cybercriminals have clever ways that they may use to trick you into giving them your personal information. You should, therefore, avoid opening unknown attachments or links. Do not share your private information with unknown people or sites.

Don’t be Predictable With Your Passwords

Even though using the same simple password for all your sites may seem convenient, it is not a good idea. If a cybercriminal is able to get into one account, they will be able to get into all your accounts. They may be able to get your personal information. Come up with a password that is secure and write it down so that you do not forget. A strong password should have 12 or more characters including letters, numbers, and symbols. The letters should include both lowercase and uppercase. It should not be a dictionary word or any symbol that can easily be associated with you.

Use Expert Services

Whether you are building a website or an app, it is always advisable to hire an expert. There are professionals that are experienced in all of the best frameworks, such as Gridsome, as well as programming languages, like Java, and they will know how to craft a secure site or app. You can’t leave this sort of thing to chance. 

Always Read the Terms and Conditions

Most people agree to the terms and conditions of a site without reading them. That can be a huge mistake. Most sites have a Privacy Policy that comes with their terms and conditions. It clearly states the information that the site is allowed to collect from you. It may be long but you need to read it to the end to know exactly what you are getting yourself into. If you don’t, you may be allowing them to access your personal information.

Always Update Your Software

Older software and OS make you prone to attacks. Use your auto-update feature to ensure that your apps are always up to date. Using the latest versions of software keeps your information safe. Updated versions of any software will contain updated security features.

The internet can be a blessing or a curse depending on how you use it. Even though it has plenty of advantages, failure to pay attention to your security needs may lead to major losses. The number of hackers is on a constant rise so you need to put in some effort to secure your online privacy. Employ appropriate measure to ensure you reduce instances of being a victim. Work towards improving your online presence but remember it is easy to be bullied online these days.

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