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Why Does A Simple Website Work Best?

There are numerous incredibly difficult websites offered on the internet. True, they may seem appealing at first glance, but as you go under the shiny (sometimes literally) surface, you’ll discover that the sites aren’t really user-friendly and may even turn off prospective clients since they are much too confusing.

A website that is simple, clean, easy to use, and easy to read is a far better method to do business. These are the websites that will bring you the most traffic, not the ones that seem wonderful but have little substance. We’ve compiled a list of the most convincing reasons to create a simple website; you’ll quickly realize how sensible it is.

Timeless Design 

When you have a site that is too intricate and attempts to keep up with all of the current trends (whatever they may be), it will fast become obsolete. This means you’ll have to spend more time developing your website, altering it whenever anything becomes ‘out of date.’ If you have a great and simple website, it will never go out of style; it will stay timeless, and you will only need to alter it if you need to add additional information or rebrand, for example. This will save you time and effort, as well as keep your customers happy since an ever-changing website might make your company seem as if it doesn’t know what it’s doing.

Easier To Read 

A complex, cluttered design will not help prospective clients in learning more about what you do and the things you provide. It will actually make it a lot harder for them to get the facts they might have to have to decide whether or not to buy. When most visitors first visit a site, they will scan it. This allows them to immediately decide whether or not it is what they were searching for; if it is, they will read more carefully and go to other pages, and so on.

If, however, they are unable to easily and quickly scan the first page because it is simply too complicated and full of irrelevant information, or if they are required to click through to other pages right away, they are likely to find a completely different website rather than taking the time to look more closely at yours.

More Accessible 

The internet is ideal for people with disabilities who cannot go to a store or talk to someone in person to be able to buy anything they want or engage with others in the manner they choose. A complex website will not be their first option; it is much preferable to have a simple website that enables inclusive accessibility, which means that everyone can learn about and buy from your company. A tidy website provides a far better user experience for everyone.

It Won’t Feel Like A Sales Tool

One of the primary reasons for having a website is that it serves as a sales tool – this is how you convince people to purchase from you and how you can expand your company on a budget. A complicated website, on the other hand, might look to be too much of a sales tool, which is not what buyers like. They want to make their own decision about whether or not to purchase from you, and they don’t like being pressured into it by an aggressive website design.

A simple design that provides customers with basic information and lets them make their own decisions about what to do next can, strangely, result in more sales than a design that pushes items and ideas too hard. Of course, you can – and should – use BigCommerce SEO services to ensure potential buyers get to your site in the first place, but after that, it is best to leave buying decisions to them. 

It Loads Faster 

Something that is frequently overlooked when considering the advantages of a basic website design since it is not immediately apparent is how fast the page loads. A more elaborate design with many graphics, links, and videos, as well as animated portions, will always take far longer to load than something simpler. Even if it is just a few seconds, this might be the difference between someone wanting to spend the time waiting for your site to load and going elsewhere to get what they need.

The faster your site loads, the less annoyed prospective clients will be, and the more purchases you will earn. Not only that, but satisfied customers are more likely to return to you since they know precisely what to expect from your site and how simple it is to use. Your conversion rates will skyrocket, as will your reputation, as you will get an influx of referrals and testimonials.

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