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Year: 2007

I Got Haxx0r3d

My dedicated Linux server was hacked a few days ago. Specifically, someone managed to compromise Apache by way of an outdated PHP-based application that a hosting client of mine had installed. The hacker planted a script that tied up the system doing nefarious things such as portscans of other machines.…

Falling Empire

Another sign that the Microsoft empire is failing and falling: Steve Jobs acknowledges that Microsoft will be forced to embrace web-to-deskptop technology. He’s about two years too late. Google, Yahoo, and many others are way ahead in this game.


Some random goodness to fill up your Sunday afternoon. Ever wondered what this RSS stuff is all about? Venture over to Mashable’s “Ultimate RSS Toolbox“, then learn how to keep tabs on just about anything on the Internet as it happens. And speaking of getting organized, I’ve been toying with…


Been at the beach this week, heading home tomorrow. Gray went fishing, kayaking, and crabbing for the first time. Dax collected little crabs and in an upside-down frisbee, undeterred by their little claws. Alicia and I got a little too much sun.

Links and News

According to W3Counter, which maintains a pretty good cross sampling of web site users (from what I’ve hear, anyway), the use of Firefox for web surfing has risen to an impressive 25%. That is so great to hear, as Internet Explorer is and continues to be the bane of web…