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Coffee Shoppin’

I have been enjoying the activity of sitting in coffee shops after work lately. Working downtown allows me to do this now, and just to sit here and surf the web using free wireless internet access from my laptop is relaxing.

Currently I am sitting here enjoying a frosty, hand-squeezed lemonade. Unfortunately, Bjork is being pumped through the audio system here, so I am seriously considering the placement of my iPod in my ears. Bjork scares me for some reason. She reminds me of a freakish troll that haunted my dreams as a toddler.

On another note, I shaved my goatee the other day because I had not seen my chin in over five years. I think I will put it back in hiding as soon as possible. I look really weird (and young), and the dorkwads at work have called me everything from a pinhead to an 8th-grader. Ah well…at least I have the option of growing facial hair. The AF d00ds are not allowed, and well, the AF d00dettes still haven’t figured out how anyway.

This weekend will be a big one: Gray’s 2nd birthday occurs, and both sets of parents are coming in town. We may see a brother and/or sister or two as well. You can be sure I will take a lot of pictures.

Passing Time

Time has been flying by quickly again. Not that it ever really stopped flying by quickly, because we all know that as we approach the dimensional shift, time speeds up anyway. Right?

We had a little yard sale today. By little, I mean our whole street organized a big sale and about 12 families participated up and down the road. Exit polls indicate that we made out the best of the families, breaking the $100 mark by noon.

Today was also Kentucky Derby Day, and I planned on watching it, but then I remembered it was on when Alicia, Gray, and I were at the bookstore. I think this is only the second one I have missed watching on TV since I moved away from Louisville in 1992.

Speaking of Louisville (no, I’m not mentioning basketball), the Louisville Eccentric Observer (LEO) reviewed the Crain re-release. They never reviewed it when it came out in 1991, so it was good to see they had the guts to do it this time, and it was better to see that they liked it.

I’ve been quite busy with home-based work lately, and am currently working on 4 projects. One is for a Washington, DC-based guitar player, another is a remake of the NCMAMA web site, another is for a Waste Management software company in Kentucky, and the last is for something else which I guess I shouldn’t announce until negotiations are finalized.

And to top it all off, I found my toenail and fingernail clippings collection yesterday. I didn’t want to mention it here that I had lost them because I feared I might cause mass-hysteria. But yes, I had thrown them into a tupperware bin that I had stored some knick-knacks in in the basement a few months ago. That was a major oversight on my behalf. In celebration of finding them, I clipped my nails this evening. Pictures soon to follow.

Good Times

I turned 32 this weekend, and in celebration, we had some folks over to cook out on the new gas grill Alicia bought me. We ate a lot of meat, including burgers, hot dogs, and fish. There is nothing like a good Ball Park Frank to raise the bar and make you wonder whether or not you will live to tell the tale. Ahhh, the joys of animal lips.

With Alicia having a hand in the making of the burgers, potato salad, and cole slaw, you know it had to be good. Storebought will not do with her, and her flair for adding just enough of this and that makes it all taste great.

I plan on branching out and finding many good things to do with my new grill. Alicia was shocked to see me perusing the Joy of Cooking section on grilling…

I have posted two new photo galleries, one of pics from my cell phone, and another of higher quality digital cam pics, both from this month (including yesterday’s cookout). Check out the Will’s Ye Olde Photo Gallery.

ELITE 8!!!!

I wonder if the NCAA selection committee still thinks UofL should have been a #4 seed.

93 – 79 over the number one seeded Washington Huskies!

I actually got to see about 1/3 of this game! Why on Earth CBS felt we should be watching the Illinois game is beyond me. At least it wasn’t a Duke game this time, even though Jay Bilas was announcing.

Oh yeah, New Pics from my handy-dandy cellular telephone camera have been posted 🙂

No Phone, No Phone

For those of you who call us on our land line, you might be interested in knowing we will not have a land line after tomorrow. We have opted to go totally to our cell phones and do away with that which annoys us.

We switched to a new cell service that gave us a great price on a great plan, and it was cost effective to ditch the Bellsouth land line. This means that we will no longer be in the phone book, which is OK with us since they insisted on not correcting their misspelling of our names for 4 years anyway.

So, if you don’t have our cell numbers, let me know and I’ll think about giving them to you 🙂

Edit: Upon reflection, I realized that this site has no clear way of getting in touch with me. So, I added a contact page.

Welcome to 2005

We just got back from a 5 day weekend in Louisville. Gray had a ball with my parents, running around their carpeted house like a madman, and they seemed to have had an equally sized ball with him. We took an afternoon and went to the zoo, where Gray was more interested in the melting snow and puddles of water than the animals, but you can’t blame a 19 month old for that.

The highlight of the trip for me also turned out to be the lowlight. My dad pulled some strings and found someone with an extra ticket to the UofL basketball game on Thursday night. After scouring eBay for three days with no luck finding tickets, I was elated to have a chance to go to the game.

Now, you might think that the lowlight was because the Cardinals lost, but they didn’t. The lowlight was because when I got to the parking lot at Freedom Hall, the ticket was no longer in my pocket. I never found it. It fell out somewhere between where Alicia and I ate dinner, got coffee, and the car. I even went back and looked. So close was I, and yet, so far.

I got to see my buddy Simon, whom I have known since I was 4, which was good. Alicia and I went to the Kentucky flea market, a huge, 1800 booth indoor event at the fairgrounds, and ran into Joey Mudd, which was cool. He and I used to go there a lot, and somehow I had a feeling I would see him.

At the flea market, I picked up some great deals on Magic: The Gathering cards. Yes, in case you didn’t know, I am that kind of geek too.

I will post a new photo gallery up here soon, with pics from Christmas in Charlotte and New Years in Louisville. For now, just use yer imagination.