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5 Security Problems Businesses Desperately Need To Solve

Cybersecurity is big news thanks to a raft of high-profile attacks on major brands in recent years. But companies, by and large, are still struggling to get up to speed with the problem. They know that they need to bolster their security. But it’s so technical, they’re not always sure how. 

Don’t worry, though – we’ve got you covered. In this post, we run through some of the security problems that businesses desperately need so you can get a heads-up. 

Failing To Use Guest WiFi

A lot of businesses have firewalls and antivirus software. But only a small number of them separate guest WiFi from their regular WiFi. And that’s a problem. 

WiFi isn’t just access to the internet. It’s also the system employees use to transfer files or folders between each other. Thus, if your regular and guest WiFi is the same, then anyone could potentially get access to your files – not what you want. 

The solution is simple though: just set up a separate guest WiFi that only guests can use. 

No Disaster Recovery Plan

Disasters are highly likely to occur at some point in the life of an average business. But despite this impending doom, many companies don’t have recovery plans in place. And that makes clearing up afterwards even more challenging. 

Bouncing back from a disaster requires backing up all your drives and encrypting as many communications with other sites as you can. 

It also means being frank about what level of attack you can protect yourself again, something you can get more info on here. Businesses are usually able to resist infiltration by regular hackers. But they may struggle to constantly hold off entire nation states working against them. 

Too Much Employee Access

Many companies are still operating under a model which says that once people become employees, they should have access to the entire network. But this is a bad approach because it increases the risk of a breach. 

For instance, imagine if an employee leaves their laptop on the train and a hacker finds it. If the employee has universal access, the hacker can get any information they want about your company. 

The trick here is to segment access on a need-to-know basis. Only allow employees to access files they require to do their jobs. Block the rest. 

Reliance On Old Systems

In today’s security environment, legacy systems are, unfortunately, a disaster waiting to happen. These old systems usually have fatal flaws in their security protocols which marks them out as a target. 

If you’re using old systems, try to update them. Both new hardware and software – fully supported – are essential. 

Failing To Use Active Security Management

Here’s another mistake business always makes too easily: failing to use active management. 

Active security management is where a third party company watches your network 24/7, looking for signs of suspicious activity. In today’s security environment it is necessary because antivirus software can’t catch everything. However, trained security analysts can, offering companies added levels of protection that they wouldn’t otherwise get.

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