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Covid Digital Signage and Other Online Business Ideas

There is nothing on this planet that is not affected by COVID-19. So many people lost jobs and many conventional businesses shut down. Lots of people are looking for ways to work from home and make living. Most of the businesses are looking way to be completely online. Covid digital signage is also a way to go for businesses to use for online marketing. Here is the list of twenty business ideas that you can start from the comfort of your home and avoid those regular trips to office with mask on.

Drop shipping

As a small business owner you do not have to create inventory. When a customer makes purchase you order it from third party and ship it to your customer and make profit on the price difference. You just need a platform to display your products digitally and market them.

Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing you offer products for sale on your e blog site. Each product has a unique code tracking back to your affiliate partner. Once someone clicks the link and purchase the product you get a commission for the sale.

YouTube Videos

If you are good with videos, then make some you tube videos which are engaging and informative: something that engage the audience. As your subscriber will grow your videos will get monetized and you will be paid for it. Pick a theme and stick to it.


This can be about writing article or providing great photos with excellent content. You can post videos and link to other sites. Make money by running ads on your blogs or use back links to affiliated products. The key is to post original content and attract audience.

Information Products

Selling is not just about products, it can be information too. You can make audio teleconference on specific topics; make video editing content or an eBook for sale. You can also make color grading content for videos or light room presets and sell online.

SEO Consultant

If you know the details of how search engines works and have technical skills in Google ads and analytics, then becoming an SEO consultant is the best thing to do. With so many small businesses realizing the importance of SEO and website optimizations, demand of SEO consultants is off the charts.

Small Business Consultant

If you had worked as a business consultant before or have been a part of business before, you can use that knowledge to become an online business consultant. You can help small and medium business with business strategies to become more profitable and efficient

Social Media Consultant

Instagram. Twitter, face book and Snapchat have huge consumer audience. Most of the small business doesn’t know how to tap into this market effectively. If you have a background in social media marketing, you can use that to become an online consultant and help market the firm better.

Web developer

If you are interested in the coding side of building websites then you can collaborate with some web designing creative person and provide a complete website package online. You can handle from the designing of the website to the efficient running and security of the website.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant services consist of administrative task and data entry. If you are good with communication skills and task managements then this is the right job for you. All you need is a good head set, internet connection and a laptop.

Remote Tech Support

Many small businesses do not have a room for dedicated IT department. You can be their Remote Tech support and help them with all kind of server and laptop based issues.

Sell Homemade products

If you are good in making something; chili sauce, kimchi, pottery, knitting etc, consider turning that into a business. When you have the ability to control every aspect of your product you can make it cost effective and unique and improve profitability.

Online Teaching

If you are good in teaching something, you can share that knowledge in forums and eventually turn it into online classes. There is an audience for almost every kind of skill, whether it is photography, math, English or preparing for specific entrance exam.

Mobile App developer

Mobile applications are more popular than ever. People are willing to pay extra bucks to get an app version of whatever software they have on their laptops. If you have a new app ideas then consider working on it. You can also work as a freelance for different app developing firms as a mobile app developer.

Skype Coaching

There is a wide range of audience that looks for a more personalized online training. They look for something beyond the available lessons. For such people, one on one help is a perfect solution. Rather than providing lessons, as a Skype coach your job is to provide consultation and guidance to your audience.

Technical Writer

If you have the knowhow of machine functionality and have a good science background, you can start an online business about technical writing. There are many companies that look for technically sound writer to create manuals for their products. You can market yourself on LinkedIn and Fiverr to draw in customers.

EBook Author

If writing is your hobby, you can start writing e books on interesting topics. You don’t have to go through the conventional ways of book printing. You can use platforms like Amazon to get your eBook published.

Podcast Network

In last few years, there has been an exponential rise in podcast popularity and audience. If you are good in talking and keeping people engaged you can start your own podcast channel. Make it grow faster by letting your friends share their podcast on your platform. As the network grows you can charge more per podcast download.

Corporate counsel consultant

Every corporation needs lawyers to protect their legal matters and make sure that everything they do is legal. By starting as an online corporate consultant you help small and medium size firms with legal affairs. You do need to have minimum qualification, of bar exam, to represent a firm legally.

T shirt Designer

Lot of online platform makes it easy for you to make custom designs and get it printed on the t-shirts. You can use that to create you own line of unique T shirts and sell then on your website.

Pick something that you like or something you are good in making and turn it into an online business. You do need to market yourself aggressively but the results are satisfying and help you to create a source of income in this phase of pandemic.

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